Saturday, January 31, 2009

LakeShore Learning Toys and More

This Christmas, Santa decided to go a different direction with toy gifts. Sean and I were sick of throwing away broken toys just one week after Christmas. The rest of the toys became throwing objects for their own entertainment purposes. So this year, Santa found the Lakeshore Learning Store. The Lakeshore Learning stores are mainly for teachers and home schooling parents, but it has a lot of great wooden toys made in the USA and built to last. Here is a picture of three toys all 4 boys love to play with. I am so thilled to see them playing with these toys and actually enjoying them. They are using their imaginations and learning at the same time. Here is the web address to Lakeshore Learning, There are tuns of great gift ideas, and great classroom supplys for those of you who are home schooling. There is also a way to find a location in your area. The stores usually have great sales! I highly recommend this site for those of you who are sick of the cheaply made, mindless toys you find in Toys R Us or K-Bee Toys. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Returning To Normal

As much as I love it when my husband takes time off from work, I have to admit I feel a sense of releif when he does return to work. I know that sounds mean, but when he is home my house turns into a pig pen. He is not the neatest man I have even met and is quite happy with a messy kitchen and living room. I on the other hand hate disorganization. For the 4 days he was home, my kitchen always had a never ending stack of dishes in it. The kitchen floor is covered with food from the kids. The dining room table is caked with food, as is the chairs and floor. That's usually just from breakfast. My husband loves his HDTV. He works so often that he rarely gets to enjoy it. So of course, when he wasn't distroying my kitchen, he was sitting on his bum watching TV. Now the boys think Daddy is a human jungle gym, so while he is sitting on his bum, watching TV, all for boys have dragged out every toy they own to play with Daddy. There were times where I couldn't see my living room floor. Does he bother to make them clean up after themselves? NOOO¡ I get that privledge. Not only are there toys every where, but crumbs of all kinds as well. I can't even vacuum because of the mounds of toys on the floor. So, at 1:15pm this afternoon, Daddy headed back to work. Mommy spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and putting our lives back to normal!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Another Sunday Funday

Once again, another Sunday has touched our lives! The boys rudely woke us up at the crack of dawn. We didn't actually get out of bed until 8:30 or so. I fed Mary while Sean ran to Walmart for supplies for our brunch. Below are some of the pictures I took of Mary for her 21 week album. There is one with Sean as well. Mary got her first taste of Daddys scratchy face. Her reaction was pretty funny! This afternoon I found a tick on our cat PT. I has horrified and had no idea how to get it off. Sean looked up online how to remove a tick, all we had was Vodka, so Mr. PT got a bath in it. He was not happy, since it was fresh out of the freezer. I checked him a little later and could not find the tick, so now we had to gut the entire. Living room and kitchen. We vacuumed and swept and mopped the floors. Washed every piece of clothing he laid on and even shaved the heads of all our boys. The tick was never found. For dinner, Sean is attempting his first Gnocchi recipe. He was looking for something healthy that the boys would enjoy as well. I'll let you know how it turns out another day!

I've got slippers on my feet!

Wow Daddy, you need to shave!

Yummy Cup

Mary playing with the boys' stacking cups

Playing with my dolly

Mary playing with her baby doll

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21 weeks Old!

Mary turned 21 weeks today! Here is a picture I took of her this morning!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures with the family

Here are a few more pictures of Sean and the boys. There is an awful picture of me as well. I wasn't wearing any make-up, so I hope it doesn't break your computer monitor. LOL! There is also a picture of Mary eating her foot. That seems to be her new thing, oh and making raspberry sounds. Very cute!

Sean holding sad little Fionn

Daddy and Liam

Sean and Liam playing around on the bed!

Seans Mini Vacation

The last two days have been such a debacle for Sean. He got up at his usual time this morning to get ready for work. I stayed in bed since I had already ironed his clothes yesterday. Sean climbed back into bed with a little grim on his face and said, "I don't have to go to work today"! Since he was taking this weekend and Monday off, he decided to use a PTO today as well. So this will be a mini vacation for him until Mom comes out at the end of Feb. I took some pictures of Sean and the boys. They turned out pretty good! There is also a horrible picture of me as well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the moral of this story is.....

What a crappy day it has been. Sean had a "yearly" meeting to go to clear across town this afternoon. We spent the majority of the morning in bed. I promise to leave out the details, but I did try to talk him out of going to the meeting. I tried everything. Guilt trips, your job is more important than me, I have a stomach bug, its not an important meeting, so on and so forth. Nothing worked. So when he left at a little after 12pm, I was pretty bummed. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning up the mess we call a home. Cleaned both bathrooms, only to catch Cian in the act of purposely peeing on my CLEAN bathroom floor. I was livid, yelled at him up and down, and all the while he sat there with a shit eating grin on his face. I sent him to his room before I could murder him. So again, I cleaned the bathroom floor. By 4pm, I had realized I had not taken anything out for dinner. So I through together some rice, corn, and Polish sausage just to get them feed. It still baffles me how much these boys can eat. There was not a drop of food left. (That is if you didn't count the half cup of rice spilled on the floor) I let them play while I cleaned up the kitchen. They managed to drag out every toy they owned into the living room. Oh well, they're the ones who have to clean it up.Sean called me at about 6:30pm. He had just gotten out of the meeting and was headed home. He just had to make a stop at the grocery store and pick something up for dinner at Applebees'. I put the boys to bed at 8pm and was settleing down on the couch when Sean calls again..."You're not going to believe this" was his exact words. "What" I asked, thinking to myself, Oh God, tell me you didn't get pulled over. "The car won't start" he blurts out. "I'm afraid it might be the alternater." Great, I thought. We don't have the money to get that fixed right now. He said when he tried to start the car, it made a clicking noise and wouldn't turn over. I asked him if he wanted me to call Dad, since he knows pretty much everything about cars. He said yes, so I did. I decribed exactly what Sean said was happening to the van. Dad said, "It sounds like your battery isn't getting any juice. Does the radio or lights work?" I had no idea, so I had to call Sean back. Sean said the radio worked but the lights in the cab were dimming. He was near a Target, so he was going to walk there and see what he could find. He did say he had never changed the battery since we owned the van, that has been 5 years. DUH!! I called Dad back to tell him what Sean said. He laughed and said, "That battery is toast. Tell him to go buy a new one." Great, not only is Sean retarded when it comes to cars, he doesn't own a single tool other than a hammer. There was no way he could change a battery on his own. So, he bought a quick charger at Target, hoping it would have enough juice to start zap the battery enough to make it home. No such luck. He is currently in Applebees, waiting for the charger to, well CHARGE! So, here it is, 9:30pm and my husband is stuck at an Applebees' talking to a "mall security" guy while waiting for his car charger to charge. The moral of this story is.....he should have stayed home this afternoon when I begged him to! Update.... It is now 10:30pm and Sean has thrown in the towel. He is leaving the car at Applebees' overnight. There is a security guy that will keep an eye on it for him. I just called him a cab, he should be home around 11pm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not So Thrilled About "Change"

Well, we now have a new President. I watched the whole parade and swearing in. I saw the millions of people cheering and thanking God for this day. I even dragged my son Declan in to watch "history in the making". All the while, I kept thinking to myself, why does this not feel right. I actually found myself tearing up as I watched Pres. Bush and his wife climb into the helicopter and take off for the last time. I just feel so sad and lost. I mean, I have nothing against Obama (other than the fact that he supports abortion.) He's a family man. He has good family values, all of which I like, but for some reason, I just can't get excited about a man we know very little about. The whole country has built him up to be some sort of rock star that is going to change the world. What the average person doesn't understand is that he doesn't really have as much power as we think. Sure he signs his name to new bills, but it's congress that decides, not the President. My husband watches the stock market every day. Today it dropped over 400 points. I know the majority of the people who voted for Obama have no idea what that means, and I am only just learning, but I do know it's not good. If we're not careful, this country could go into another depression. That's a lot to put on the shoulders of a man with so little experience. I pray that God will watch over our new President and our country, because they both really need all the support they can get.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Sad Face"

This is the heartbreaking face Fionny gives us when he does something he shouldn't .

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My little Fionny has the cutest expressions. He is our emotional child. He can be totally happy one minute, and then doing something the next which leads to us reprimanding him. He gets this pouty lip expression, his eyes start to water, and sometimes he takes it to the extreme and cries. This is a photo I took last night at the dinner table. I don't remember what he did, but this is "The Sad Face". The picture doesn't really do the look much justice, but you get the general idea. Notice his left eye, it has a little tear. Awwwww, this look just melts our hearts. Half the time, I can't even remember why I was mad at him in the first place. He can be such a sensitive little. Guy. All of the boys do something unique when they get into trouble. Cian let's out a blood curling scream, runs to his room and bangs his back against a wall. Declan cries and yells, "you make me so mad". (Sean and I always get a good laught out of that) Liam puts his head down, covers his eyes with his arm, and sobs, but Fionny takes the cake for the cutest and most heart breaking facial expression. Now how am I suppose to stay mad at that? It's all I can do to keep from scooping him into my arms and console him. I know, I shouldn't cave, but he is just so darn cute!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I find it very amusing when Sean and I take the family to Walmart. You are probably thinking, what's so amusing about Walmart? Well, for those of you who know Sean and I, you also know we have 5 children. Four boys and 1 girl, all under the age of 6. Let me just give you the rundown of a typical outing preparation. 1. A time must be set and met, for this outing, it was 5:30pm. This must also be decided several hours prior to the outing time. 2. Making sure the babies have a proper nap, as in 2 hours or more. If not, the entire outing would be a scratch.3. Showers for all. First Deco and Cian, then Liam and Fionn, which in itself is an adventure. Deco usually does a good job, but needs someone to wash his hair. Cian needs the full on washing from myself or Sean. They dry off and get dressed. Liam and Fionn tend to be a challenge. Liam will fight you when trying to wash his hair. He throws himself to the bath tub floor, kicking and screaming. Washing his body is pretty much the same. Fionn doesn't mind getting his hair and body washed, it's the rinsing of his hair that he fights you with. He really hates being in the direct stream of water. Next is fighting with Liam to get out of the shower. Kicking and screaming, yet again. Fionn is usually half out of the shower on his own. On to drying off and diapering, yet another fight with Liam. Fionn is pretty easy there. Dressing is next, with the usual resistance from Liam and laughing from Fionn. That all takes about 45 minutes. Now, off to change out of my sopping wet clothes. 3. Feeding them dinner. While I took care of showers, Sean was cooking dinner. Chicken and rice, 6 breasts and 2 cups of brown rice, all devoured in a matter of 15 minutes. While he takes care of feeding them, I get dressed and "made up" and then get Mary changed, feed and dressed. She gets strapped into her car seat and is ready to go.4. Sean gets dressed and then pulls the van around to be cleaned out and prepared for the kids. Deco puts on his shoes, then puts Cians on for him. I put sox on Liam, who is wearing jammies. Fionn is wearing his feet jammies, so that they can go straight to bed when we get home. Sean comes in to get Mary into the car, then Fionn and Liam, then Deco, Cian, and I. We are finally ready to head to Walmart. Wow, that tired me out just telling you about it, and we haven't even started shopping. We need two carts, Mary is strapped onto me, Fionn sits in the front of one cart, while Liam sits in the front of another. Deco can walk, as can Cian, but we usually put him in the back of a cart, as he tends to wonder and not pay attention to where he is going. At most Walmarts, a greeter is at the door passing out smiley face stickers to all the kids. We usually get the "dropped jaw" effect. A typical comment is, "Are they all yours" or "Wow, you guys have your hands full". Sean just nods and continues inside, I am expected to make polite conversation and rattle off ages and so forth. We usually get gocked at by other families and blessed by sweet elderly couples. Deco tells his life story to anyone and everyone, along with the names and ages of his brothers and sister. We have a very fineite amount of time, so although the attention is nice, it can get a little trying. Tonight it took about 2 1/2 hours. Fionn was falling asleep, Liam was laughing, Cian was being burried alive and Deco was driving Sean nuts with being overly helpful. By 8:30pm and $400 later, it was time to go home. This was a good trip to Walmart! Good Night!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Funday

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. Sean is usually garanteed to have that day off every week. This Sunday we sat around watching football playoffs and building with blocks. We enjoyed watching the Giants and Peyton lose the playoffs this year. I really hate the Manning brothers. It brings such joy to me to see them lose! Sean and I decided to try something new with the rotisserie. We brined a turkey from a recipe I found in my Martha Stewart cookbook. It is suppose to lock the juices in the bird while it cooks. It smelled great all day. We couldn't wait to eat it. Boy were we disopointed...The turkey was way too salty. I couldn't eat it, but the boys didn't seem to mind. Sean said it would be ok for sandwiches, so he wrapped it in foil on the counter to let it cook before putting it in the fridge. Big mistake! PT decided to help himself to it. Of course Sean swore that would be the last of his nine lives, and threw him into the hall bathroom for the night. Needless to say, the turkey is now in the bottom of the trach outside. The boys and I decided to play with blocks. We started out making a castle, but soon came up with the challenge to see if we could build a tower using all 300 blocks. After 2 attempts, the end result was a success! I posted a picture of it above. Sean had a lot of fun with Cian. For some reason, everything Sean would say or do was so funny to Cian. The two of them just wouldn't stop laughing. Sean put his jacket on Cian. The jacket was as big as him. There is a picture of that as well. All in all, it was a good day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

19 Weeks Old

Mary will be 19 weeks tomorrow. When she was born, I decided to make a "First 52 weeks" photo album for her. I never had the means to do so with the boys, so when Sean gave me a new cell phone (The G1) with an awsome 3mp camera built in, I just had to jump on my chance. Here are a couple of shots I got with Mary and the Elmo/Cookie Monster head. It was actually a Christmas gift for Liam and Fionn, but Mary seems to get more of a kick out of it than they do. Just above is a picture of her first reaction and then after she warmed up to it. The thing vibrates and giggles when you press either Elmos or Cookies mouth. It really is cute. The last picture is of her looking at herself in a little mirror. I just loved the smile on her face. She really is a blessing and I, along with the boys and Sean, are just enjoying every little moment with her. She is such an Angel and I just can't believe I was ever afraid of having a girl. I'm sure she will be a handful in the future, but that is why the Lord gives us our children as tiny babies. He never gives us more than we can handle! I look forward to all the challenges each of the babies will bring, because one day, when Sean and I are old and all of them have moved on with families of their own, we will wish we could have had just one more day of these precious days when they are all little babies.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cian and Mary

I love my baby sister

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There's Something About Mary!

This is a picture of Cian and Mary that I took the other day. Cian always wants to hold her. I don't know what it is, but all the boys took right to her from day one. When Cian was born, Declan took a few months to even go near him. In fact, the day Cian was born, Declan wouldn't even go near me. I was so heart broken. Cian and Declan were ok when Liam was born, but when Fionn was born, Liam REALLY did not like him. He would push him, hit him, throw things at him, or just flat out ignore him, even when Fionn was trying to play with him. That lasted about 11 months. Now you can't keep them apart. Mary, on the other hand, has had them all eating out of the palm of her little hand since she was born. Liam and Fionn love to give her kisses and tickle her. Declan and Cian always tickle her or carry her around. (Only Deco carries her around). We don't know what, but there's just something about Mary that they all love!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Good Morning! It's almost 9am and I am still not out of bed. On a typical morning in the O'Donnell Household, Declan usually wakes us up with his rather loud morning urination. (He would give a horse a run for his money any day.) That is usually around 6:45am. Sean will then get up and start his morning routine of getting ready for work. I usually lay in bed for 30 more minutes, trying to convince myself, his work clothes aren't going to iron themselves. So by 7:15am I am up and getting his clothes started. I usually have that done by 7:20 and have started cleaning the kitchen from dinner the night before. (I try to clean it the night before. But Sean's cooking habits are horrifing and I tend to give up trying to clean his mess.) Cleaning the kitchen can take up to an hour. When I'm done with that, its off to cleaning the living room from the tornatos otherwise known as my children. This place is just too small for all of us and their toys. By time that's cleaned up, it's usually around 9 or so and it's time to feel the voltures. On an average day, how much would you think a 6, 4, 3, and 1 year old can eat? The answer may shock you! Declan and Cian eat 2 large bowls of cereal, (and its only cereal like Cheerios or something totally healthy, not Coco Puffs for my kids.) a fruit of some kind, usually bananas, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk or water. Declan will usually ask for something else, but we are teaching him that gluttony is a sin. Now Fionn and Liam of course can't feed themselves wet cereal yet, so I usually start them off with the same dry cereal and a banana. Fionn will usually flip out if he doesn't get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as will Liam, so that is next on their plates, followed by a granold bar. They then will move on to either pancakes or waffles followed by a drink to wash it all down. Once breakfast is finished, its time to clean the kitchen again. Diaper changes and feeding Mary is next while Declan gets dressed and ready for school. Cian and the little ones go off to play together, Mary goes down for her morning nap, and Deco and I are off to the classroom. That is usually by 10am and a typical weekday morning, Today, on the other hand, is somewhat different. We haven't been sleeping well since we moved to this dump in the desert. Something or someone is always waking us up. Last night was Mary. I fed her around 6pm last night and put her in the room for a nap. By time it was time for bed at 10pm, Sean says "Just let her sleep, she'll sleep through the night". Famous last words. At 3am she was awake and crying for a bottle. I laid there for a few in hopes that she would just go back to sleep, not a chance. So I got up and fed her, changed her and she went back to sleep. Wish I could say the same for myself. I laid in bed stairing at the ceiling for who knows how long. Deco got up at his usual 6 something, followed by Cian doing the same. I was dosing at that point, but eventually fell back asleep. 8:30am rolls around and we both start waking up. Sean get up and realizes he slept through a morning confrence call, oh well. So he goes to get Mary and brings her into the bed. No matter what time she wakes us up, she's still cute! So, dispite our late start, things are going fine and it is all and all, just another day in the O'Donnell Household.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello Everyone! Over the past year or so I have been reading the blogs of all my friends, but never really started one myself. I was reading my good friend Jasons blogs when I decided to start one myself. So here I am, starting my every first blog. This will mainly be all about my life and the life of a mother, home schooling teacher and wife. I think this will be helpful for me as I tend to have a meltdown every few months. So if you care to listen to the everyday life of a household of 7, and don't mind my horrible spelling, you may just find yourself entertained!