Saturday, January 10, 2009

19 Weeks Old

Mary will be 19 weeks tomorrow. When she was born, I decided to make a "First 52 weeks" photo album for her. I never had the means to do so with the boys, so when Sean gave me a new cell phone (The G1) with an awsome 3mp camera built in, I just had to jump on my chance. Here are a couple of shots I got with Mary and the Elmo/Cookie Monster head. It was actually a Christmas gift for Liam and Fionn, but Mary seems to get more of a kick out of it than they do. Just above is a picture of her first reaction and then after she warmed up to it. The thing vibrates and giggles when you press either Elmos or Cookies mouth. It really is cute. The last picture is of her looking at herself in a little mirror. I just loved the smile on her face. She really is a blessing and I, along with the boys and Sean, are just enjoying every little moment with her. She is such an Angel and I just can't believe I was ever afraid of having a girl. I'm sure she will be a handful in the future, but that is why the Lord gives us our children as tiny babies. He never gives us more than we can handle! I look forward to all the challenges each of the babies will bring, because one day, when Sean and I are old and all of them have moved on with families of their own, we will wish we could have had just one more day of these precious days when they are all little babies.

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