Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Good Morning! It's almost 9am and I am still not out of bed. On a typical morning in the O'Donnell Household, Declan usually wakes us up with his rather loud morning urination. (He would give a horse a run for his money any day.) That is usually around 6:45am. Sean will then get up and start his morning routine of getting ready for work. I usually lay in bed for 30 more minutes, trying to convince myself, his work clothes aren't going to iron themselves. So by 7:15am I am up and getting his clothes started. I usually have that done by 7:20 and have started cleaning the kitchen from dinner the night before. (I try to clean it the night before. But Sean's cooking habits are horrifing and I tend to give up trying to clean his mess.) Cleaning the kitchen can take up to an hour. When I'm done with that, its off to cleaning the living room from the tornatos otherwise known as my children. This place is just too small for all of us and their toys. By time that's cleaned up, it's usually around 9 or so and it's time to feel the voltures. On an average day, how much would you think a 6, 4, 3, and 1 year old can eat? The answer may shock you! Declan and Cian eat 2 large bowls of cereal, (and its only cereal like Cheerios or something totally healthy, not Coco Puffs for my kids.) a fruit of some kind, usually bananas, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk or water. Declan will usually ask for something else, but we are teaching him that gluttony is a sin. Now Fionn and Liam of course can't feed themselves wet cereal yet, so I usually start them off with the same dry cereal and a banana. Fionn will usually flip out if he doesn't get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as will Liam, so that is next on their plates, followed by a granold bar. They then will move on to either pancakes or waffles followed by a drink to wash it all down. Once breakfast is finished, its time to clean the kitchen again. Diaper changes and feeding Mary is next while Declan gets dressed and ready for school. Cian and the little ones go off to play together, Mary goes down for her morning nap, and Deco and I are off to the classroom. That is usually by 10am and a typical weekday morning, Today, on the other hand, is somewhat different. We haven't been sleeping well since we moved to this dump in the desert. Something or someone is always waking us up. Last night was Mary. I fed her around 6pm last night and put her in the room for a nap. By time it was time for bed at 10pm, Sean says "Just let her sleep, she'll sleep through the night". Famous last words. At 3am she was awake and crying for a bottle. I laid there for a few in hopes that she would just go back to sleep, not a chance. So I got up and fed her, changed her and she went back to sleep. Wish I could say the same for myself. I laid in bed stairing at the ceiling for who knows how long. Deco got up at his usual 6 something, followed by Cian doing the same. I was dosing at that point, but eventually fell back asleep. 8:30am rolls around and we both start waking up. Sean get up and realizes he slept through a morning confrence call, oh well. So he goes to get Mary and brings her into the bed. No matter what time she wakes us up, she's still cute! So, dispite our late start, things are going fine and it is all and all, just another day in the O'Donnell Household.

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