Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the moral of this story is.....

What a crappy day it has been. Sean had a "yearly" meeting to go to clear across town this afternoon. We spent the majority of the morning in bed. I promise to leave out the details, but I did try to talk him out of going to the meeting. I tried everything. Guilt trips, your job is more important than me, I have a stomach bug, its not an important meeting, so on and so forth. Nothing worked. So when he left at a little after 12pm, I was pretty bummed. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning up the mess we call a home. Cleaned both bathrooms, only to catch Cian in the act of purposely peeing on my CLEAN bathroom floor. I was livid, yelled at him up and down, and all the while he sat there with a shit eating grin on his face. I sent him to his room before I could murder him. So again, I cleaned the bathroom floor. By 4pm, I had realized I had not taken anything out for dinner. So I through together some rice, corn, and Polish sausage just to get them feed. It still baffles me how much these boys can eat. There was not a drop of food left. (That is if you didn't count the half cup of rice spilled on the floor) I let them play while I cleaned up the kitchen. They managed to drag out every toy they owned into the living room. Oh well, they're the ones who have to clean it up.Sean called me at about 6:30pm. He had just gotten out of the meeting and was headed home. He just had to make a stop at the grocery store and pick something up for dinner at Applebees'. I put the boys to bed at 8pm and was settleing down on the couch when Sean calls again..."You're not going to believe this" was his exact words. "What" I asked, thinking to myself, Oh God, tell me you didn't get pulled over. "The car won't start" he blurts out. "I'm afraid it might be the alternater." Great, I thought. We don't have the money to get that fixed right now. He said when he tried to start the car, it made a clicking noise and wouldn't turn over. I asked him if he wanted me to call Dad, since he knows pretty much everything about cars. He said yes, so I did. I decribed exactly what Sean said was happening to the van. Dad said, "It sounds like your battery isn't getting any juice. Does the radio or lights work?" I had no idea, so I had to call Sean back. Sean said the radio worked but the lights in the cab were dimming. He was near a Target, so he was going to walk there and see what he could find. He did say he had never changed the battery since we owned the van, that has been 5 years. DUH!! I called Dad back to tell him what Sean said. He laughed and said, "That battery is toast. Tell him to go buy a new one." Great, not only is Sean retarded when it comes to cars, he doesn't own a single tool other than a hammer. There was no way he could change a battery on his own. So, he bought a quick charger at Target, hoping it would have enough juice to start zap the battery enough to make it home. No such luck. He is currently in Applebees, waiting for the charger to, well CHARGE! So, here it is, 9:30pm and my husband is stuck at an Applebees' talking to a "mall security" guy while waiting for his car charger to charge. The moral of this story is.....he should have stayed home this afternoon when I begged him to! Update.... It is now 10:30pm and Sean has thrown in the towel. He is leaving the car at Applebees' overnight. There is a security guy that will keep an eye on it for him. I just called him a cab, he should be home around 11pm.

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