Saturday, January 31, 2009

LakeShore Learning Toys and More

This Christmas, Santa decided to go a different direction with toy gifts. Sean and I were sick of throwing away broken toys just one week after Christmas. The rest of the toys became throwing objects for their own entertainment purposes. So this year, Santa found the Lakeshore Learning Store. The Lakeshore Learning stores are mainly for teachers and home schooling parents, but it has a lot of great wooden toys made in the USA and built to last. Here is a picture of three toys all 4 boys love to play with. I am so thilled to see them playing with these toys and actually enjoying them. They are using their imaginations and learning at the same time. Here is the web address to Lakeshore Learning, There are tuns of great gift ideas, and great classroom supplys for those of you who are home schooling. There is also a way to find a location in your area. The stores usually have great sales! I highly recommend this site for those of you who are sick of the cheaply made, mindless toys you find in Toys R Us or K-Bee Toys. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Arly,

    I am with you on that score! I bought my youngest, Caleb, two great wooden toys for Christmas designed to help with colour recognition,coordination and shape recognition and he loves them. I got them from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) well known in the UK for being educational but fun childrens play and toy manufacturers (, they sell the usual naff stuff too, but do a fantastic creative play range! I'm hooked!

    As for Dr Who re: your comment on my blog, I have never actually sat down an watched it although my eldest is fascinated by dalecks!He spends a vast amount of time wandering round saying 'Exerminate!'

    I agree too its a shame we are opposite sides of the world, I think we'd be great friends as would the children I am sure!

  2. I'm just testing as I seem to have lost my last comment! lol

  3. What do you know! Your site let me on. That is one gorgeous baby in your photograph.


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