Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Returning To Normal

As much as I love it when my husband takes time off from work, I have to admit I feel a sense of releif when he does return to work. I know that sounds mean, but when he is home my house turns into a pig pen. He is not the neatest man I have even met and is quite happy with a messy kitchen and living room. I on the other hand hate disorganization. For the 4 days he was home, my kitchen always had a never ending stack of dishes in it. The kitchen floor is covered with food from the kids. The dining room table is caked with food, as is the chairs and floor. That's usually just from breakfast. My husband loves his HDTV. He works so often that he rarely gets to enjoy it. So of course, when he wasn't distroying my kitchen, he was sitting on his bum watching TV. Now the boys think Daddy is a human jungle gym, so while he is sitting on his bum, watching TV, all for boys have dragged out every toy they own to play with Daddy. There were times where I couldn't see my living room floor. Does he bother to make them clean up after themselves? NOOO¡ I get that privledge. Not only are there toys every where, but crumbs of all kinds as well. I can't even vacuum because of the mounds of toys on the floor. So, at 1:15pm this afternoon, Daddy headed back to work. Mommy spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and putting our lives back to normal!

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  1. Are you talking about my life!?! lol. I know exactly how you feel! x


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