Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I find it very amusing when Sean and I take the family to Walmart. You are probably thinking, what's so amusing about Walmart? Well, for those of you who know Sean and I, you also know we have 5 children. Four boys and 1 girl, all under the age of 6. Let me just give you the rundown of a typical outing preparation. 1. A time must be set and met, for this outing, it was 5:30pm. This must also be decided several hours prior to the outing time. 2. Making sure the babies have a proper nap, as in 2 hours or more. If not, the entire outing would be a scratch.3. Showers for all. First Deco and Cian, then Liam and Fionn, which in itself is an adventure. Deco usually does a good job, but needs someone to wash his hair. Cian needs the full on washing from myself or Sean. They dry off and get dressed. Liam and Fionn tend to be a challenge. Liam will fight you when trying to wash his hair. He throws himself to the bath tub floor, kicking and screaming. Washing his body is pretty much the same. Fionn doesn't mind getting his hair and body washed, it's the rinsing of his hair that he fights you with. He really hates being in the direct stream of water. Next is fighting with Liam to get out of the shower. Kicking and screaming, yet again. Fionn is usually half out of the shower on his own. On to drying off and diapering, yet another fight with Liam. Fionn is pretty easy there. Dressing is next, with the usual resistance from Liam and laughing from Fionn. That all takes about 45 minutes. Now, off to change out of my sopping wet clothes. 3. Feeding them dinner. While I took care of showers, Sean was cooking dinner. Chicken and rice, 6 breasts and 2 cups of brown rice, all devoured in a matter of 15 minutes. While he takes care of feeding them, I get dressed and "made up" and then get Mary changed, feed and dressed. She gets strapped into her car seat and is ready to go.4. Sean gets dressed and then pulls the van around to be cleaned out and prepared for the kids. Deco puts on his shoes, then puts Cians on for him. I put sox on Liam, who is wearing jammies. Fionn is wearing his feet jammies, so that they can go straight to bed when we get home. Sean comes in to get Mary into the car, then Fionn and Liam, then Deco, Cian, and I. We are finally ready to head to Walmart. Wow, that tired me out just telling you about it, and we haven't even started shopping. We need two carts, Mary is strapped onto me, Fionn sits in the front of one cart, while Liam sits in the front of another. Deco can walk, as can Cian, but we usually put him in the back of a cart, as he tends to wonder and not pay attention to where he is going. At most Walmarts, a greeter is at the door passing out smiley face stickers to all the kids. We usually get the "dropped jaw" effect. A typical comment is, "Are they all yours" or "Wow, you guys have your hands full". Sean just nods and continues inside, I am expected to make polite conversation and rattle off ages and so forth. We usually get gocked at by other families and blessed by sweet elderly couples. Deco tells his life story to anyone and everyone, along with the names and ages of his brothers and sister. We have a very fineite amount of time, so although the attention is nice, it can get a little trying. Tonight it took about 2 1/2 hours. Fionn was falling asleep, Liam was laughing, Cian was being burried alive and Deco was driving Sean nuts with being overly helpful. By 8:30pm and $400 later, it was time to go home. This was a good trip to Walmart! Good Night!

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