Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Did I ever mention how much I hate banks? Well, I'm doing it now.....I HATE BANKS!! So, first thing this morning, I called up our credit union to make a car payment. The woman on the line said, "Will you be making Decembers' payment as well?" What a minute, hold the phone...I had made the December payment on December 23rd! I even confirmed it with them a week later. She "Carrie" said the payment had been returned to them yesterday for insufficient funds. WHAT??? I was livid! I told her there was no way that account had insufficient funds at that time. Sean had just been paid and we had barely used the account. She said it would take her a few days to investigate the matter, but she would call me back. So I got on the phone with Sean to tell him what she said. He said call the bank. So I did. There was never a transaction done on that date by the credit union. They had no record of it. Well what the hay?? In the mean time, it was getting late in the morning and I still hadn't made the kids breakfast. So as I was doing that, the "Carrie" woman called back and left a message on my voice mail saying the payment didn't go through on the 23rd, so they tried to put it through again on Feb 10Th. It obviously didn't go through yesterday because Sean doesn't yet paid until tonight. So I called her back, and got her voice mail. She was on her "lunch break" go figure.By this point, I was livid! So I called back demanding to speak to someone with authority, I got "Tracy". I explained the situation, told her there was no way the transaction would have failed, and that my bank never received a withdrawl from them of any kind. She said she had to look into it and would call me back. Fine, so I wait again... Meanwhile, I finished feeding the kids, Deco helped by sweaping the kitchen, and I cleaned the counters and loaded the dish washer. Shuffled the babies and Cian into the playroom and got started on Deco's Religion class. I had just started his Phonics class when "Tracy" called back. She said it was deffinatly a returned transaction and that she had a print out to fax me. I told her I had a print out to fax her that proved they never even tried to take the money out. She said she could research with one other person and would call be back with the exact date the transaction was returned. So, I wait again.We finished Phonics and got half way through Math when she call for the third time. Finally, she found out the real story, so here we go...... They did in fact make the payment on the 23rd. At first it went through just fine. However, my bank rejected the payment because they used the name of my Mother (She was our co-signer when we first got the van) as the person trying to make the payment. Well, obviously my Mom is not on Seans' bank account, so our bank was only trying to protect him. The credit union then tried to put it through a second time yesterday, using the same name. Now why they thought my Mom was making the payment was beyond me, but thats not the point. I had made another payment this morning, using the same account, and "Tracy" is telling me the same name was put on the transaction again. The same problem will happen AGAIN! GRRRRRRRR.......So, what do I do? They can't stop the transaction because it was already processed. She said I needed to make both payments now. There is no way we can afford to pay both months right now. So I told her I will send a money order for Dec and make another payment in 2 weeks. She said that was fine as long as it didn't go past the 30 day mark. So lets do the math... Today is the 11th, the payment was due on Jan 26th. (Yes, I know it's a little late, but it was either pay the car or get the gas/electric shut off, what would you choose?) There was 31 days in Jan, so that puts the payment 16 days late. We have until the 25th of Feb to make the next payment or it goes on our credit. (30 days) Sean doesn't get paid again until the 25th. So what are we suppose to do? We could realistickly pay the Dec and Jan car payments, but then we would have no money for the next two weeks and we couldn't pay for Mom's plane ticket either. I am so stressed out, I know I need to stay calm, but I just can't. Why would the stupid credit union assume my Mother was on the account? Why didn't someone confirm the name on the account when I make BOTH car payments? When did America decided that the average person wasn't worth beans? Why does no body care, or take pride in their work anymore? A simple "how can I make this better" or "I'm sorry for the innconvience, how can we fix this together?" would have been nice. Instead you get "I'm sorry, pay now or it goes on your credit." When did people stop being human and start being robots?


  1. Wow! What a day you had! I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. The really sad thing is that you are right. So many people today could care less about helping you. No one wants to do their job. I have stuff like this happen to me all the time and we can't be the only ones it happens to. Not good.
    I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. I only got into your blog by clicking on the post only...not the actual blog. Still getting the can't find blog thingy.

  3. You have all my sympathy! We have things like that happening all the time here. I still receive accounts every month for an Internet Access service which I cancelled at the end of September 2008. Of course, I do not pay it and jusr recently they threatened to discontinue my service if I do not pay immediately. What I asked them was how they are going to discontinue a service that was already discontinued 5 months ago. I don't know about the rest of the world, but the word "competence" has completely disappeared from the business sector in dear old SA has definitely gone crazy. So cheer up, you are not alone.


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