Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mary sits up for the first time!

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Today Mary is 24 weeks old, and she sat up for the first time on her own! It's kind of sad, as she is getting older and has met another milestone in her little life. At the same time, it is exciting to watch her progress over the past 24 weeks. I have been taking a photo of her every Sunday for each week of her life. I will be making a "First 52 weeks of Mary's life" photo album and video collage. I looked through the photos this morning and was amazed at how much she has changed. Mom will be out here for 5 days on the 25th (Ash Wednesday). She has not seen Mart or the boys since Mary was born. I look forward to her reaction when she sees her. I also look forward to her seeing the progress Declan has made in his first year of home schooling, since she has not supported the idea at all. She thinks he is not getting the proper socialiazation. That is the whole point of our home schooling, to keep them away from the warped world beyond our family and the Catholic Church. She thinks it's perfectly ok to allow our children to go to school in the less than average school systems, that can't even provide enough desks for the amount of students in a classroom. Not to mention, the amount of children that are being raised without discipline. (You should hear the language being uttered out of the mouths' of elementary school children.) There is no way we would ever allow our babies to mix with those kids. Now maybeshe will see how well he is doing and realize he wouldn't be as far as he is if he was in a public school.


  1. Hi Arly,

    Such a beautiful picture of Mary! Sorry to hear you don't have your Moms full support with your home schooling. Hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you ensure your son develops the socialisation skills he needs to develop as a person and carry him through his teems into adulthood? It is critical they are given the opportunity to developn those skills, yet the infulences thay can be subject to at a less than adequate school is also very worrying. My husband didn't socialise or integrate with children his own age much due to his Mums fears of the negative effects these children have on him and now he suffers greatly with his interpersonal skills and just can't form solid relationships outside of us. He feels like he was never given the chance to decide for himself what was right and wrong. I ask as I have thought about home schooling the last few weeks since seeing how admirably well you do and this is my only concern. :0( I am hoping you may be able to share how you achieve it as you seem so committed and happy with your choice.


  2. Excuse my typos! I can spell...honest! Lol x

  3. Hi Jodie- Thanks for the comment. She is changeing so fast.

    The boys belong to a Sunday school group at our church. They are quite happy learning about their religion with other children that are in the same situation as us. I also have a home school play group we belong to. They are all Catholic home schooling Moms and Dads that get together every week and let the kids play while we discuss problems and concerns that we as parents/teachers may have.

    If you are considering home schooling, go through a program. It is much easier and you get a built in support system for the money you will be paying. I highly recommend it. It's a wonderful feeling to watch your child learn and know that you are the one teaching them. God only knows what they are learning in the schools outside of your home.

  4. Okay, that is officially the cutest, cutest, cutest (!!!) baby I have ever seen.


  5. Jo~ Thanks Jo, she is pretty cute and getting big fast. She is our only girl, so we have to spoil her!


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