Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moving Update...

So, we've narrowed down our house selection. The beautiful house with the cute porch is out. They did not include a frige or a washer/dryer. They want $4800 down for move-in and we would need to purchase a new dining room set on top of all that. (We are leaving the old one behind) Sean hasn't told the lady yet, but she will not be happy when he does. Maybe our pulling out will get them to lower the monthly rent, but I doubt it. We did finally get about 30 pictures from the other house. (Front of the house pictured above) She is by no means a photographer so they were a bit hard to see. The entire house is very 70'sish. All dark wood panelling, dark carpets and it has 3 not 2 bathrooms. Here are a few of the best pics. The Office One of 2 Bathrooms Upstairs We think this may be the playroom. Living Room with sliding door to the backyard. Other half of the living room and stairs. The rest of the pictures are too dark and are just of bedrooms. We are still waiting on another real estate agent to send us his houses. It's not a bad house for $2000 per month and it is 2700 sq ft. Can't beat that either! I will let you all know what we decide soon!!! UPDATE: So the lady renting the house sent Sean an email late last night saying the backyard in not landscaped. (All dessert) Oh boy...lots of cacti everywhere, but they are all in bowls so they can be moved to the fron yard. However it is all gravel and that makes for scrapped!!! On the plus side, there is an elementry school directly across the street with a playground.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving day fast approaching...

Well, we are down to exactly one week until moving day. I have barly packed a thing. I organized the closet in our room and packed what I could in there. I packed up under the bathroom sinks, (it's amazing what you find under their). I also packed up a few things we don't use in the kitchen (blender, waffle iron, baking stuff, etc.). Other than that, nothing is done. In fact, we still don't have our house secured. We have narrowed it down to 2 houses. One is about 2700 sq ft. 4 bedroom with an office, playroom, formal dining room and several fruit trees in the backyard. It's an older house but it's not very pretty. It would work perfectly for us, including the fabulous price monthly! Here is the only 2 pictures we have. The owner was suppose to send us more, but has yet to do so. The second house is much smaller, a 3 bedroom with a formal dining room, living room, and den. It is $250 more but is in an incredible town. It also has several types of fruit trees in the backyard and has never had another tennant living in it. We would need to purchase a fridge and washer and dryer for this house as well. Did I mention the owner is falling over himself to rent to us, where as the other has not responded to us again. Here are the best photos of the house! This is the front yard. This is the backyard. Kitchen Den in front of the kitchen, leading to the backyard. Living room which also has a brick fireplace on the right and the dining room is behind the person taking the photo. Last, the formal dining room! Did I mention the gardener was included with the rent? It's a beautiful house but we don't know what to do. It's a little more money then we want to spend but time is running out. What would you do?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur Dies at 86

LOS ANGELES – Beatrice Arthur, the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls" and who won a Tony Award for the musical "Mame," died Saturday. She was 86. Arthur died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family at her side, family spokesman Dan Watt said. She had cancer, Watt said, declining to give further details. -Associated Press writer Bob Thomas contributed to this report. A very sad of my favorite tv shows lost another great actress. rest in peace Bea Arthur!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plan B Now Available for TEENS

My husband and I caught a glimps of the 10pm news after watching American Idol. The top story was... Plan B now available over the counter to girls age 17. This means they don't need a prescription or their parents to purchase the pills either. So what is this saying to our girls....Go out, have premarital sex, and if you think you might be pregnant, don't worry, just run to Walgreens and pick up some Plan B pills. Is our society trying to encourage people to abort children? They just made it even easier, and the parents of these girls may never even know. I am so discusted with our society and the way it treats human life. From the moment of conception, that is a living child. If they didn't want that responsibility, they should have made the decision not to have sex to begin with. I fear for this country and its barbaric future...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've Started Subtraction!!

Is it just me, or has Kindergarten gotten a lot harder? When I was a kid, we colored, painted, listened to stories, or just played house in Kindergarden. Declan just started subtraction. He has been introduced to adding, counting money, reading, and telling time. I didn't learn any of that until first or second grade. He's really good at all of it, and can memorize just about anything you ask him to. Sean has even started teaching him to speak German. I can't even speak Spanish. Wow, I don't think he would have been introduced to any of that stuff if we hadn't decided to home school him. I'm so proud of him and all he has accomplished. I can't wait to see what 1st grade brings!

Monday, April 20, 2009

She just won't stop growing!

This little princess just won't stop growing. I turn my head for 2 minutes and look what I caught her doing...She can now pull herself up to a standing position in her play gym. What will she do next, WALK? (She still has no teeth, by the way)

She's With Mary Now....

Something my Mother told me has been bothering me for the last few day. She asked me, "How old is a 5 1/2 month baby?" A first I didn't understand the question, but then she said "An unborn baby, how developed is it?" I said, about 22 weeks, that's half of the pregnancy, why? She proceeded to tell me about a woman she worked with. Her neice had just had an abortion in AZ and she was about 22 weeks along. I was sick. All Mom could say was "That's murder, how could she do such a thing. Why does the state allow that?" Well, there was more to the story, the women is going to jail on the 25th of this month for drug possession. She has 3 other children, 10 3 and 2 who the state is taking from her on the 25th as well. She got the abortion because she will be in jail for a few years. Did she ever hear of adoption? There are plenty of families who would have died for that baby. I told Sean the story when he got home from work and he was heart broken. All he could say was. "You can thank President Obama for that one." I agree with him. Our current president supports legal murder and there is nothing we can do about it. That tiny little baby might have had a chance at a good life. Instead, it is most likly being used as an experiment for stem cell research, another brilliant move by our current President. What bothers me the most is knowing that little baby suffered pain. It was a life, a body, a soul and now its gone. All because a selfish mother made a few bad decisions in her life. Why couldn't she have just given the child a chance?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

33 Weeks and ready for school!

Miss Mary is 33 weeks today and already thinks she can give Declan a run for his money in Math class. Here are a couple pictures of her playing in Declan's classroom. She loves to play with his abacus.

"I'm ready to add Mommy!"

1, 2, 3 this stuff is a breeze!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Date Is Set!

It is official, we are moving!! The transfer is signed and sealed and Sean is expected to start work at his new store on the 11th of May. Our only challenge now, finding a house in that short amount of time. Sean is on another 8 day stretch at work right now and has no time to look for a house or even talk to the realtor. So I have been searching Craigs List (I know, way sketchy, but its all I can do right now) I did find some really cute houses in our price range and I have made a list for Sean. I just hope by next Thursday, he can sit down and start to hash something out. I will keep you all up to date!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Little Standing Girl!!

Mary is pulling herself up at 32 weeks!

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Miss Mary, 32 weeks, crawled over to her toy box and pulled herself up into a standing position! I don't know weather to laugh or cry. She is growing up so fast. Much faster then any of the boys were. Before we know it, she will be walking....ohhhhh!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 Weeks and Counting....

It's hard to believe Declans' first year of school is almost over. It seems like just yesterday Sean and I were trying to decide weather or not to put him in a public school, or home school him. Then there was the decision of curriculum. I am so glad we chose to home school. Seton's has been a God send and I feel like a much better Mom for taking on the challenge. When Declan started school, he could barely write. Now his handwriting is great. (For a kindergartener)He has learned to add, count money, tell time (On a real clock, not a digital one) read a 2nd level book, and he has memorized 10 prayers, including the Apostles' Creed word perfect. He knows the 10 Commandments in order, the 7 Sacraments and their meanings, the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries and can say the Rosary on his own. We have accomplished some much this first year. I can't believe he only has 4.5 weeks to go. What a wonderful blessing it has been for me to watch him progress and learn, knowing it was ME and not some random public teach teaching my son.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fionnys' Hidden Talent!

We had a couple of "firsts'" this Easter. It was Marys' first Easter and also....Fionnys' first time eating with a fork. Sean put down his fork next to Fionn when he was done eating, and Fionn picked it right up and proceeded to stab his food with it and put it in his mouth......WOW! We had no idea he knew how to eat with a fork. We had never offered it to him before, but he used it like it was second nature to, he never seises to amaze us. So I guess he will be eating with a fork from now on! Less of a mess for me to clean up...Woo Hoo!!

I'm a big boy now!

Fionnys' Hidden Talent!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just one more!

Sorry guys, I'm working with a new picture uploading software that doesn't seem to be doing what I want it to do. Oh well...

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More Easter Pictures!

I forgot a couple pictures!

Liam found an egg!

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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. The boys colored eggs last night. The Easter Bunny put all their baskets together and stuffed 36 plastic eggs with jelly beans and M&M's, then hide them all over the living room, hallway, and kitchen. Bright and early, the boys were chomping at the bit to find their baskets and eggs. Mary found the first egg, by accident! Mary also had a little lamb! The boys helped me bake cross buns and top them with frosting as part of breakfast. For dinner, Sean is making a spiral ham and roasted potatos with green beans and chocolate cake for dessert! I hope everyone is having a safe and Happy Easter....God Bless!

Fionny and his eggs

5 little Easter Baskets

Mary found the 1st egg!

Mary had a little Lamb!

Declan and his basket!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let's Go Red Sox!

What better way to spend Holy Saturday then to watch a Red Sox game while cleaning the house for Easter Sunday! (Ok, maybe not the cleaning part, but you gotta love baseball)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Remembering the Death of Our Lord

The boys and I spent the hours of 12-3pm quietly reflecting on the life of our Lord. We prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries, listened to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song, and watched a shadow puppet show of the Stations of the Cross. Declan was very sorrowful and had a lot of wonderful questions about Jesus and his suffering. It was a very good afternoon, I only wish Sean could have been here to share it with us. (He had to work today, short staffed). Happy Good Friday and God Bless!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The bond

The family that plays together, stays together! Left to right~ Declan, the leader. Mary, the angel. Cian, the follower. Fionn, the observer.

What does a Sea Monkey look like?

I had a request to see a Sea Monkey up close. After 45 minutes of trying to get the best shot, this is what I was able to get. The ones on the left are get the idea. The one one the right is about 5 days old. They grow pretty quickly and are not too pleasent to look at.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Sea Moneky Mombo......

As part of Declan's Science class, Sean bought a Sea Monkey started kit for him to grow. We have had them for a little over 2 weeks and they have gotten pretty big. So, this morning I got up ands started doing the dishes. The Sea Monkeys are sitting on a ledge just above the kitchen sink, so while I'm scrubbing away, I have something to look at. Well, I sure got an eye full this morning. I found two Sea Monkeys doing the "Sea Monkey Mombo". Oh goodness, I so did not need to see that, yet I couldn't take my eyes off. It was so weird....Needless to say, what I guess is the female, now has an egg sack attached to her rear end....yuck!

31 weeks!

I forgot to post this picture Sunday, as that was her actual 31 week birthday, but here it is now! She loves to chomp on the boys' pots and pans. Maybe doing so will break in her teeth. (She is 7.5 months old and still hasn't a single tooth to show for it)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buzy, Buzy, Buzy.....

I haven't had time lately to blog about our crazy life because well, it's been crazy around here. Just a quick rundown... Declan has started back up in school after our two week illness. He seems to be getting bored with his classes, so I have started combining 2 weeks of work into one. He has more work to do daily this way and less to to whin about being bored. He is learning to count money and tell time in Math now, and he loves it! Sean has been working without a day off for almost two weeks. One of his employees transfered to Cali and left him short handed. That would have been ok, except another employee fractures his foot at the gym about a week ago and has been unable to work ever since. So now the store is down to Sean, his Asst. Manager and 3 Reps, two of which can only work part time. Sean is the only one on salary, so guess who gets to work without a day off. What's worse, we got a new bed almost two weeks ago, and he hasn't had a good nights sleep since. He thinks the bed is too hard. I think its a little hard, but not too bad. I told him to return it and get another one, but he's to lazy to do that, go figure. On a more upbeat note, we are finally leaving this awful state! Sean's company is transfering him to a new market with a much higher volume. I am very excited to be going to this new state and look forward to finding a nice big house with a backyard the kids can play in until their hearts content. (I can't say where we are going, but thereis no snow and very little hot weather...perfect) As soon as Sean gets his new store and he finds out what his pay raise will be, we can start looking for a house in our price range. We are hoping to be out of here by the end of this month! Last, but not least.......we are expecting our 6th baby in mid Oct! I will be 12 weeks tomorrow! Keeping our fingers crossed for another baby girl for little Mary!

Cute photo of the Day!

Little Mary has her first baby ponytail! Isn't she just a peach!!