Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. The boys colored eggs last night. The Easter Bunny put all their baskets together and stuffed 36 plastic eggs with jelly beans and M&M's, then hide them all over the living room, hallway, and kitchen. Bright and early, the boys were chomping at the bit to find their baskets and eggs. Mary found the first egg, by accident! Mary also had a little lamb! The boys helped me bake cross buns and top them with frosting as part of breakfast. For dinner, Sean is making a spiral ham and roasted potatos with green beans and chocolate cake for dessert! I hope everyone is having a safe and Happy Easter....God Bless!

Fionny and his eggs

5 little Easter Baskets

Mary found the 1st egg!

Mary had a little Lamb!

Declan and his basket!

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  1. yes, easter always an event that kids look forward too.i wonder did they find all the eggs,lol.HAPPY EASTER my friend.

  2. Makes me wish mine were small again. We used to hide the eggs in the garden and yes, they were always up bright and early to find the eggs. Now they are grown, but they still want the eggs... wonder if they ever really grow up. Hope you had a wonderful Easter all around.

  3. lolit- They had a blast and a major sugar rush, but I think they did find all the eggs!

    A Human kind of human- That must be really hard. I don't look forward to them outgrowing the little traditions. If I was back home, my Mom would still hide the eggs for me and I would gladly play along!!!


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