Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moving Update...

So, we've narrowed down our house selection. The beautiful house with the cute porch is out. They did not include a frige or a washer/dryer. They want $4800 down for move-in and we would need to purchase a new dining room set on top of all that. (We are leaving the old one behind) Sean hasn't told the lady yet, but she will not be happy when he does. Maybe our pulling out will get them to lower the monthly rent, but I doubt it. We did finally get about 30 pictures from the other house. (Front of the house pictured above) She is by no means a photographer so they were a bit hard to see. The entire house is very 70'sish. All dark wood panelling, dark carpets and it has 3 not 2 bathrooms. Here are a few of the best pics. The Office One of 2 Bathrooms Upstairs We think this may be the playroom. Living Room with sliding door to the backyard. Other half of the living room and stairs. The rest of the pictures are too dark and are just of bedrooms. We are still waiting on another real estate agent to send us his houses. It's not a bad house for $2000 per month and it is 2700 sq ft. Can't beat that either! I will let you all know what we decide soon!!! UPDATE: So the lady renting the house sent Sean an email late last night saying the backyard in not landscaped. (All dessert) Oh boy...lots of cacti everywhere, but they are all in bowls so they can be moved to the fron yard. However it is all gravel and that makes for scrapped!!! On the plus side, there is an elementry school directly across the street with a playground.


  1. Hopefully ... you realize that most homes are online at or other local reality websites.

    Your realtor will steer you to houses that are his companies or real estate friends. You should also hunt some down yourself if you want to see everything out there.

  2. so you go for the smaller one huh! well i guess this is the most practical one, goodluck!

  3. Isn't this house the bigger one? Playroom and 4 bedrooms? I think it might be the better choice considering size. Plus it'll be two kids to a room which is nice. Plus if you can paint then you'll be able to brighten up those rooms easily. Good Luck!

  4. Hit 40- We are also using a real estate agent. However his houses are a bit overpriced and not so nice.

    lolit- This is actually the bigger house of the 2. Bigger is better with out family!

    Nicole- It will be nice to to have all the babies have their own rooms. She didn't open any of the blinds in the photos so that's why everything looks so dark.

  5. Arlie the home looks beautiful and once you put all your things in it it will feel like your home. What part of Cali are you moving to. I would love to meet the rest of your children.

  6. Seems so very nice house to live...


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