Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plan B Now Available for TEENS

My husband and I caught a glimps of the 10pm news after watching American Idol. The top story was... Plan B now available over the counter to girls age 17. This means they don't need a prescription or their parents to purchase the pills either. So what is this saying to our girls....Go out, have premarital sex, and if you think you might be pregnant, don't worry, just run to Walgreens and pick up some Plan B pills. Is our society trying to encourage people to abort children? They just made it even easier, and the parents of these girls may never even know. I am so discusted with our society and the way it treats human life. From the moment of conception, that is a living child. If they didn't want that responsibility, they should have made the decision not to have sex to begin with. I fear for this country and its barbaric future...


  1. Disgusting what is going on...

  2. It's more horrifying yet. Depending on the STATE you live in. For example here in ILLINOIS it's possible for a 13 year old to walk into an abortion clinic and HAVE an abortion WITHOUT the knowledge or consent of a parent. However this same 13 year old CAN NOT receive Tylenol from the school nurse.

  3. Oh my God! this is horrible! what else is left for us? Values gone?
    Our world is sad!
    Pity to our kids!

  4. In South Africa a girl of 12 can choose to have an abortion without the knowledge of her parents! Abstinence (is that spelled with and "e" or an "a"?) has become one of the old-fashioned dirty words like honour, integrity, conscientiousness, etc. It is indeed a sad world that we live in today.

  5. The whole decline for some of a serious relationship is very sad. The shacking up and casually having children. The man walks away when ever things become too much.

    I wonder if the girls understand how hard this pill is on their body. I know a couple women who had an abortion when they were younger. Both are very sad with their decision - wish they could turn back time.

    I talk with my boys about waiting for the want person and never agreeing to an abortion if asked. You are killing a child. We will figure things out.


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