Monday, April 20, 2009

She's With Mary Now....

Something my Mother told me has been bothering me for the last few day. She asked me, "How old is a 5 1/2 month baby?" A first I didn't understand the question, but then she said "An unborn baby, how developed is it?" I said, about 22 weeks, that's half of the pregnancy, why? She proceeded to tell me about a woman she worked with. Her neice had just had an abortion in AZ and she was about 22 weeks along. I was sick. All Mom could say was "That's murder, how could she do such a thing. Why does the state allow that?" Well, there was more to the story, the women is going to jail on the 25th of this month for drug possession. She has 3 other children, 10 3 and 2 who the state is taking from her on the 25th as well. She got the abortion because she will be in jail for a few years. Did she ever hear of adoption? There are plenty of families who would have died for that baby. I told Sean the story when he got home from work and he was heart broken. All he could say was. "You can thank President Obama for that one." I agree with him. Our current president supports legal murder and there is nothing we can do about it. That tiny little baby might have had a chance at a good life. Instead, it is most likly being used as an experiment for stem cell research, another brilliant move by our current President. What bothers me the most is knowing that little baby suffered pain. It was a life, a body, a soul and now its gone. All because a selfish mother made a few bad decisions in her life. Why couldn't she have just given the child a chance?


  1. Isn't it sad how our society is looking at unborn children like tonsils or something not needed. It seems it's getting worse and worse and now with the way our new president is pushing and glorifying all these abortion groups it seems that our society is accepting it more and more..It is sooo sad!

  2. Hi, I have blogged about abortion before and you know my feelings about it. I believe that the baby is at peace where it is now, but I can only pray that the mother will also one day find her peace. What depths of despair must she be in at the moment... drug addict or not. She will still realise, if she hadn't already, that the abortion was not an end to her problem, but just the beginning.

  3. I do not understand why we can not just sterilize this woman?

    If we had national health care, I wonder if she would get her tubes tied? Is the cost what keeps some folks from the procedure? I know they do not want the children. Why is an abortion free for them? But, not health care to permanently prevent it?

  4. Mom E- I don't understand where or when our society decided it was ok to erase their "mistake" with an abortion. (And since when was a life a mistake?) Obama is feeding the problem by allowing clinics to preform abortions. So the message he is putting out to women: if you sleep with a guy and don't use protection and happen to get pregnant, don't worry you can just abort it, problem solved. Lovely world we live in...

    A Human kind of human- I do hope the baby is with God, though I have no doubt he or she is. However, I do believe the young women does not see the error of her ways and only cares for herself. From what I understand, her Aunt has tried to help her in the past and she has turned it down every time. I feel she is doomed to fail in life if she does not change.

    Hit 40- I don't think the US finds it constitutional to take away a persons right to reproduce, though sometimes I wish they would consider it. I don't know the entire story or even how the abortion was paid for, all I know is that she killed a 22 weeks old unborn baby and her 3 living children will be put into the awful foster system in AZ. They will be seperated from the only family they know and their Mom is too strung out to even care. Well, she will have plenty of time to sober up and think about her bad choices in her jail cell. May God have mercy on her!

  5. I just wanted to say that you can't blame President Obama for this. Each state sets its own abortion policies including the cut off week. Arizonia's lawmakers and voters should be the ones everyone is mad at...they made this legal in their state. Obama has not changed any policies about abortion from the former administration.


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