Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our extended family member...

A few days after we moved into this house, a stray cat started hanging out around our house. I noticed it across the street at the neighbors house and again at another neighbors' 2 doors down. I actually thought it belonged to the neighbor 2 doors down, but the boy that lives there told me where the cat came from. The house across the street and two doors down owned her about 5 years ago. They moved out and just left her behind. She has been roaming this street ever since. Non of the neighbors can actually take her in, due to their own pets, us included, but I leave food and water out for her everyday. Her name is Sox and she spends most of her time playing with the boys out back and sleeping on our front step. PT (Our cat) HATES her and will do anything in his power to chase her away. Poor cat....


  1. How kind of you to feed her and that your boys play with her!

  2. This is the True Love i think...Feeding to someone is not easy to do...Anyway congrat your the new guest..


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