Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Moved!!

Well, after a few nail biters, we finally found a house. We just moved in yesterday and with the help of my Mom, the drive went smoothly. Its a cute little house with a small backyard, but no grass, just slab. I also have 5 rose bushes, 2 in the front and 3 in the back. There is also fresh mint growing back there as well. (If I wasn't pregnant, I would have Mojitos daily) There is also a small dirt area for me to plant flowers and veggies! The kids have an inclosed patio that we have turned into a playroom for them, it's not air conditioned however. Unfortunately, it did not come with a washer/dryer or frige. So Mom and Sean went in search of the cheapest they could find. They ended up with quite a bargin and all three will be delivered tomorrow. There is one really bad part....are you ready for this........the house is infested with ROACHES! Sean went to lite the pilot on the stove and had to lift the range up, hundreds of roaches came crawling out all over the counters. I freaked out! It looked like the owned never had the inside of the range cleaned. They are everywhere in the kitchen. So Sean hired a bug guy and he will be here on Monday morning. On a funny note, we haven't been in the house 48 hours and my retarded husband already broke a window. The kitchen window. After having a few beers and 2 margaritas with my Mom, he was trying to open the kitchen window. It looked like it had been painted shut, so what does he do, bangs on the top and bottom of the window and then.. CRASH, there went my kitchen window, shattered. Mom thought it was the funniest thing, I didn't. On the plus side, we have renters insurance, so it is covered. Sean starts at his new store at 7am tomorrow morning. He has a meeting and then he goes to work at his store. On Mother's Day, no less. I can't believe she would schedule a meeting on a Sunday, much less Mother's Day. What a witch! When he gets home, we have to do a walk throught with the owner. So there is my Mother's Day in a nut shell.


  1. Roaches!



    Gawd...!!! That's just awful...! Get rid of them fast!

    But welcome to your new home!

    P.S. Your new avatar picture is gorgeous!

  2. Welcome in your new home! I hope you will be very happy there... broken window, roaches, and all!
    Roaches? Welcome to the Bushveldt. Here in the bushveldt of good old SA, all kinds of creepy crawlies are part of everyday living, but I must admit, roaches and millions upon millions of tiny black ants are the hardest to control. I guess what I am saying is, I know understand your problem.

    Still, enjoy your adventure of a new home, neighbourhood, etc.

  3. And Oh yes, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (X 5)!

  4. I am with Jo!!! ROACHES!!!! AUGH!!!

    And... the mint is there because it has weed like qualities. You will need some serious round up if you decide that you had enough of it. I keep mint in a pot. Never in the ground.

    My first home also was a fixer upper... so I definitely understand. My problem was cat urine. You don't want to know. But.... I got it cleaned up. When I sold it, you would never know that a cat had ever been there.

  5. Congrats, ya new home ! Oh,~ happy day ~~


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