Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary and Smelling the Roses!

You know, since we moved here, I feel like our life is been one big non-stop spinning circle. Sean has been working his butt off. Doubles 2 and 3 times a week, and now his boss has made him the lead RSM. He has several projects going at once and only 3 staff members at his store. It seems like he lives at that stupid store. While he is working crazy hours, I have been so busy with finishing Declans Kindergarten year. He has 1 week of school left and then he needs to take the CAT test. I have no doubt he will complete it with flying colors and even come in at the top of the % for his age/grade. He has done wonderfully this first year and I am so proud of him. This summer will be a much needed break for both of us. I am going to attempt to start Cian with Pre-Kindergarten next year, however he is very immature for his age and his attention span is pretty much non existent. It will be a challenge, with Declan doing 1st grade as well, but it needs to be done. Sean and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday. He did have to work, but he totally made up for it with the present he bought me. I have posted a picture below. For those of you who didn't know our story, when we first were dating, Sean and I lives in two different states. He was in Boston and I was in AZ. I flew out to visit his twice in the 9 months we were dating apart. One of those times, he asked me to marry him. He couldn't afford a diamond ring at the time. With our crazy past 8 years, it was only now that he could afford to buy me a ring. So that was my present along with a romantic evening cooking Chicken Marsala together. We had a candle light dinner and then off to bed! The other pictures are of Cian, Liam, and Fionny smelling my beautiful roses in the back yard. They have gotten so big and beautiful since we moved here and my little friend Maricle Grow has been a big help as well. I am almost 24 weeks in the pregnancy and my be able to find out the sex of our newest baby on Monday! I will keep you all posted!

Liam and the Roses.

Fionny and the Roses.

My Anniversary Present!


  1. Oh Arley, it is so nice to have you back, I've been missing you. Congratulations with your aniversary and what a lovely ring... you are a lucky girl. The kids, as usual, are lovely. I am going to be a grandmother again in Feb/Mar next year, so I am very happy and excited about that. Enjoy your sixth year together.

  2. Congratulations your the 5th Wedding Anniversary....Seems so very Happy day lately.....

  3. B - e - a - u - t - f - u - l diamond ring. It's exactly what I would have picked.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. You have a very nice life. :-)

  4. Happy belated anniversairy. I hope all is well with you. Gill, you and I should try and meet up for lunch.


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