Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Declans CAT test results are in!!

Setons' email me Declans test results this morning. Since this is our first year home schooling, I had no idea what the test was or even what it meant. Well, here are his results.... Visual Recognition- 86% Sound Recognition- 96% Vocab- 63% Reading Comprehension- 56% Language Expression- 80% Concept & Application- 96% Reading Total- 56% The percent means he scored the same as or better than that amount of children who took the test nationally. It looks like he needs work with understanding what he's reading or being read to. He also needs work on what words mean. Overall I was pretty happy with the results, but Sean was disappointed. He knows Declan is capable of understanding what he's reading, he just thinks he zoned out, and didn't pay attention. He does do that, but Sean has a much higher expectence from him than I do. I was a below to average student in school, where Sean was a gifted student and always scored off the charts on standardized tests. I just don't want Sean to be too hard on him.

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  1. yes, i agree with you,they don;t need to be pressured, if they are all the more they will fail,. just my opinion.


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