Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me!

32 weeks pregnant!

I don't know what it is, but for some reason, I can never find the time to blog anymore. I guess with school starting on the 7th of Sept, I have been consumed with getting my classroom set up and decorated. I want to give 2 big thank you's to Michelle and Allison! You both have given me wonderful advice from two different view points. (Michelle was a middle school teacher and Allison is a fellow homeschooling Mom) After spending over $1000, and living on the Office Depot website, my orders have been placed and the supply deliveries have started pouring in. I did have one set back with the kidney table however, as cheap as it was, it is on backorder and who knows when it will come back into stock. Its kind of hard to teach without a table. I still have a few things to order, like my dry erase board and my cork bulletin board, oh and of course the classroom chairs. I am determined to get at least a month of school in before Elizabeth is born. The picture above is my 32nd week picture, on my 32nd Birthday! My wonderful husband is taking have the day off from work, and making me dinner tonight. He also got me my new MyTouch cell phone in Merlot!! Its the new G2 from T-Mobile and it blew the IPhone out of the water in reviews! (If anyone has an IPhone, be careful they tend to blow up. Do a Google search to find out more)

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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you will be spoilt rotten by your family. I am so glad to see you on Blogger again, I was kind of getting worried aout you.

    My eldest daughter is called Elizabeth and I am so glad that you are choosing proper names for your daughters. Both Mary and Elizabeth are such strong, meaningful names.


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