Thursday, September 17, 2009

36 weeks pregnant!

Its offical, I have only 4 weeks to go until the birth of this baby. I have to admit I'm a little nervous as my Mother will be flying in for the birth so Sean can be with me. The problem is she can only stay for a week and I have no idea when this baby will come. My track record for giving birth is about 50/50. I can either go early or be late. (due Oct 15th) If I go into labor before Mom gets here, I will be completely alone for the delivery. Sean can't bring 5 small children to the hospital. I have another ultrasound on Wednesday as they were a little concerned with the babys belly being distended in the last viewing. My appointment follows right after. I guess all I can do is tell my doctor the situation and see what she thinks. for now its just a waiting game.

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  1. Hi Arley, it is so nice to have you back. The schoolroom looks lovely and the boys look sooo serious about their work. 36 Weeks is the stage where I used to start thinking that this baby would be much more comfortable in a cradle and I am sure you are beginning to feel the same way. I do hope your Mom's and Baby's time will coincide. I'll be thinking of you over the next few weeks.


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