Thursday, September 24, 2009

37 week ultrasound.

I went to the doctor yesterday. Had my second ultrasound. Lizzie looks wonderful! Her lungs look to be functioning well on their own there is no reported problems with her stomach. She looks to be about 6 lbs 15 oz and is growing rapidly. She even has a full head of hair!

My 37 week appointment was just after the untrasound and I met with a nurse I had never seen before. I had the Strep test done and my first "check". No diolation to this point. Which is a good thing, since that means I shouldn't deliver anytime soon. Sean bought Moms plane ticket and she will be coming out here on the 14th of Oct. I will be 40 weeks on the 15th, and if I don't go into labor by then, my doctor will induce me the following day if I choose to. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that I don't go before then!!!! My next appointment is on the 5th.

Elizabeth Maureen


  1. The wonder of the modern ultra-sound! You must be getting quite excited by now. I hope all will go well and according to your plans.

  2. Stay in there Elizabeth!
    Keep up the good work Arley =)


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