Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Routine....what's that???

I mentioned in a past post that I was going to start school back up this past Monday....ya, that didn't happen. Mom just left this past Friday and to be completely honest, we are still trying to put our household back together. The kids are completely out of their routine and I'm not sure that routine will even work anymore. The house is still a complete disaster and I have little to no energy to clean it up. (Lizzie is a sporadic sleeper. One night she sleeps 5 hours at a time, others only two at a time.)

Sean was informed that his PTO would be up tomorrow, due to his boss making a huge time card mistake. Now to finish out his last two weeks off, he had to take something called LOA. He basically gets paid a little more than half of his current salary for the next two weeks. Its a state funded program for people who need to take an extended period of time off from work. This is the only state in the country that offers the program. It's not ideal, but my recovery has been very slow and I am no where near ready to be on my own with 6 children and teach Deco and Cian. So with this last two weeks off, we have to come up with a whole new routine. Never in a million years did I think this would be so hard. I always said, once you have one or two kids, whats two or three more? Well, my magic number is 6. Suddenly its a whole new ball park. Its not so easy anymore. In fact, I'd compare it to rush hour in Boston. Maybe its hard to me because we had a house guest for the first weeks or so after the baby was born and no control over the kids. Now they think they run the house because I don't have the energy to put them back in order. I guess time will tell.


  1. Hang in there girl! I have faith that you'll find a routine that works!
    On a seperate note...Connor is a "Sporadic" sleeper too, ugh!

  2. Hi Arley, Just hang in there and don't behard on yourself. Now is not the time toworry about dust on the fridge. Will it not be possible for you to get somebody in to help with the house work every once in a while, say once or twice a week so that you can concentrate on getting "back on your feet". I still think you are an amazing woman.

  3. Sean had suggested hiring a maid service in the past, but we had hired one a few years ago and I found myself going back through what she cleaned because she didn't clean it to my standards. It ended up being a total waste of money. I guess I just didn't want to go through that again. Besides, I don't really like having some strange person going through my belongings.

    I feel for you Michelle!!!

  4. Arley,
    I am still amazed at your six children. Here I am with my third only just over a week old and suddenly I feel so old. I am tired and just not with it. I wish my state offered the program that allows your husband to stay home with you. My hubby started a new job Monday...two days after we came home from the hospital. My dad is here this week to help but I feel more like he is my guest and therefore I can't ask him to do things for me.
    I like to read your blog gives me hope...hope that if you can do so much with six kids that perhaps I'll be able to survive with my three.
    Hang in there!


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