Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rose Bush Blues

My poor Fionny Bear fell into a rose bush while riding his brothers bike this afternoon. Sean was playing basketball out back with Declan when he turned around to see Cian helping Fionn onto his bike. Sean said to Cian, "Be careful with him Cian. Don't let him fall." He turned back to shoot a basket and then turned back to see Cian with a guilty look on his face in front of him....then there was the dreaded scream. There was Fionny, stuck in the rose bush with the bike on top of him. Cian aparently pushed him over and he fell right smack into the bush.

Sean brought him into the house for me to pull the thorns out of him. I only found one, thank goodness, but he had scratches all over his face, arm, stomach, chest, and leg. I gave him a shower and promised to give him an army band aid. He seems to be ok. I just can't help feeling bad, since I fell into a huge rose bush when I was little. I still have a huge scar on my knee as a reminder.

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  1. Ouch, I'm sure that hurt, but boys will be boys. Nice to hear from you. How is Elizabeth doing and when are we seeing a photo of her again.


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