Monday, November 30, 2009

Who's reading your blog......

One of the great things about blogging is all the readers. With todays technology, we can either allow only friends and family to read your blog, or open it up to anyone. There's just one problem with that...ANYONE CAN READ IT!

I found a cool feature this afternoon that tells you who has been viewing your blog, right down to where they live. It's pretty fun to see where all your viewers are from, until you find one you'd rather not have seen. Then the red flags go up and you second guess continuing to blog. You worry, did I post something I wouldn't want anyone to read? Did I publish any personal information? The list goes on. You wonder how this person found you....well dah, you are posting on an open site. That's the chance you take. Should we really worry about who reads our posts? As long as you don't publish your address, email, or phone number, who really cares? I don't want to block anyone from reading my blog. I'm proud of my family and will share our crazy life with anyone interested. As for those who think they are being slick or think they can find any tidbit of personal info on me.....GET A JOB LOSER!!!!!

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  1. Or you know it's family members and they are AT work viewing your blog. I know when my SIL and DH have slow days at work....sometimes I wonder what their boss would think it they new that they spent at least 30 minutes of the work day reading just one blog! LOL...actually my husband view it over his lunch break, I highly doubht that my sister in law has lunch at 9 in the morning. LOL


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