Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas fun....BAH HUMBUG!!!!

Since the Christmas season seems to get shorter and shorter every year, Sean and I decided to start the "fun" a little earlier for the kids this year. Today is his last day off until Christmas, so he went out and bought them Polar Express 3D to watch tonight. He bought tuns of candy and snacks as well. It was suppose to be a fun day for all of them, but Declan decided to go on one of his power trips and challenge his fathers rule. Here's how it started....

Last night, Sean was drinking a beer on the couch when Mary came along and started licking the beer can. God only knows why she does the strange things she does, but nevertheless, it was still funny. I started filming it with my cell, when Declan decided to get involved. He blurted out to Sean..."Dammit, give it to her." All while on video....Of course we were pretty upset with him for saying such a nasty word, but what really upset us is that fact that he decided to lie about saying it. "I didn't say that, I said....." I don't remember what he "said" he said, but it wasn't the truth. So, off to bed he was sent.
This morning, he decided to challenge Sean with the same topic. "I didn't say that word" He pleads with Sean over breakfast. I was in the shower and could hear the shouting. I hopped out to see what was going on, and Sean was laughing at Declan saying, "You can't lie to me boy, I heard what you said and so did your Mother." right as I walked into the kitchen. I asked Sean if this was about the word he uttered last night. "You do remember I have the whole thing recorded on video don't you?" I said. "Ooooooh yaaaaa" Sean utters. "Lets check that out, shall we?" Sure enough, there it was...Here is the proof! Declans naughty word. It's right at the end, and if you listen carefully, you can hear it clear as day. After listening to himself say it, HE STILL LIED TO US.
Instead of just admiting what he did wrong, he decided to challenge Sean some more. Sean tried to explain, "My only purpose on this earth is to raise you kids and teach you wrong from right. If I didn't punish you for your mistakes, I wouldn't be doing my job. Some day you will grow up and have a child yourself. When your child misbehaves, I hope you will remember all the times I tried to teach you right from wrong and use that to teach your child as well. You will thank me some day." Declan blurted out, "I'm still gonna be mad at you." as you can see, we are having a bit of a power struggle with him right now. He sat on the kitchen floor while all the rest of us were having fun watching Christmas cooking shows on Food Network. Again, he blurts out..."I still don't care..." So off to his room he was sent to sit and not by himself. There was no way I was going to let his attitude ruin the day for the rest of us.

UPDATE: It's about 5 hours later.....Sean decided Declan was going to miss out on the Polar Express movie this time. He wanted him to understand that lying is not exceptable in our home. So, after his dinner, he was to clean up the dining room and head off to bed. On his way out of the kitchen, Sean says to him. "I'm sorry you chose to lie to us. Let this be a lesson to you. When you make bad decisions, you lose out on the fun stuff." Declan turned around and said. "Well, I'm still not gonna care." LOL, "Ok, well go to bed. I don't want to see your face anymore tonight." Sean said to him as he went screaming down the hall....

I guess he's at that age now. He's growing up and has his own interests. He's a 7 year old with the mentality of a 8 or 9 year old. He's learning to challenge our authority and see what he can get away with. In some ways, he has a valid point and knows it. He just needs to learn that he is still the child and must obey his parents, whether he likes it or not.


  1. Way to stick to your guns! Good job Mom and Dad!

  2. Thanks Michelle, it's hard to be the bad guy, especially during the holidays. It's nice to know we're doing the right thing.

  3. Oh dear, the joys and hardship of bringing up kids. Just hang in there, by the time they turn 25, the worst will be over - lol.

  4. We will. I just hope when he grows up, he'll have a child that puts him through as much crap as he puts us

  5. Well done! Henry has picked up the word "jackass" The other day he just kept on saying it over and over. I am trying to break him of this but it is so hard to find a way that works. He seems to think it's a joke.


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