Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Shopping.......Need I Say More?

While everyone I know was out shopping on Black Friday, Sean was buzy at work and I began my annual online shopping spree. Every year Sean and I sit down and figure out all the bills and how much we can budget for Christmas. This year, we have 6 children to buy for plus each other. Since our bills are very minimal this year, we have more to spend. We decided between $300 and $350 each for Declan and Cian. Between $200 and $250 for Liam and Fionn, and $150 each for Mary and Lizzie. If we go over a little thats ok too.

So, since I had the entire day to start my shopping, I was pumped and ready to go. I hit Amazon first. After about two hours of just browsing, it became clear to me that the average toy is a peice of junk. Most of the stuff in Declan and Cians age group they would have broken in minutes. If you ask them what they want from Santa, they'd say "Transformers". My boys are obsessed with those little plastic peices of crap toys. In two or three hours, they are junk because they fall apart so easily, not to mention dangerous with little babies crawling around. The tiny plastic peices that break off can easily be swallowed or choked on. So this year, NO TRANSFORMERS.

In the past, we bought them blocks. The large plastic kind that look like Legos. They all love to build and create things, so it seemed like a good idea. They enjoyed them for a few months, but then found it more amusing to chuck them at each other. Little by little they disappeared into the neighbors backyard or the highway on the other side of our house....go figure. We tried the wooden colored blocks as well. (More for Fionn and Liam) Again, they played with those for a few months, until they ripped out the phone jack thingy in the wall and started stuffing the blocks into to wall....gone forever. So then it was back to the drawing board.

Sean loves rock and roll and Declan has really taken a liking to it as well. So much as he and Cian have created their own "rock band' called Tudzup. (I have no idea where Deco came up with that name) They play drums with pots and pans and use Tinker Toys as microphones. Funny right? So I decided to get Declan a real gutiar and microphone. I'm not sure how that will play out, but it sounded good at the time. I may buy Cian one as well, but I haven't decided yet.

Declan and Cian really love their Science class. We bought them Sea Monkeys and they just love them. So why not get them some cool science toys. I bought them a butterfly growing kit and a cool My First Science Kit. What little boy wouldn't love blowing things up or creating nasty slimy stuff to scare his little sisters with! Sean bought Declan a book to read about Volcanoes. Ever since then, he has been obsessed. So we got them a kit to make one. I may regret that decission, half to get back to you on that one.

Other than the above mentioned, I have come to a complete blank as to what else to purchase. We don't want to waste our money on cheap toys that won't hold their attention for more than 5 minutes. We will most likely buy a few Wii games (Including the New Mario Brothers) and clothes, but other than that, I'm stumped.

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  1. good shopping. It's tough finding things for the kids that are actually worth spending you money on!
    Love the new layout and all the tickers =)


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