Sunday, December 27, 2009


This Christmas was kind of....well, weird! Sean gave me my big gift the night before so I would have it for the morning. I got the Samsung U10 Shoot and Share in Full HD. It has a 10 Mega Pixel camera and video recorder. It's the same size as my MyTouch and black. I was so excited and couldn't wait to use it.
We got the kids to bed at about 7:30pm so we could start on the wrapping and putting the regulation basketball hoop together. Sean dumped all the parts out onto the living room floor and got busy on that. (We were also watching A Christmas Story) I started in on the presents at about 8pm. I only got 5 gifts wrapped before Sean started having problems putting the hoop together, so I had to stop and help him. Every time a got something done he couldn't finish, I would go back to wrapping. Unfortunately, that wasn't often since my husband is, shall I say, less than handy. Almost 3 hours later, and twice taking the damn thing apart, it was finished and taller than our house. We had a heck of a time getting it out the back door. Sean couldn't figure out how to put the net on, and it was really cold outside, so I put it on in the afternoon on Christmas day. So, by time all that was done, it was around 10 or so and I still had tuns of presents to wrap. Needless to say, I didn't get finished wrapping until 1:30am. Here is a couple of pictures of the end result. Now about $900 poorer, if that's even a word. PT didn't know what to make of all those boxes. He wasn't too pleased with not being able to get to his tree.
The kids were awake and chomping at the bit at 6am. We were too tired to get up, so we slept until about 8. We got up and cleaned up the living room just so they could mess it all up again. We finally got started around 9am. I had my new camera ready to start filming as the boys came running out. I only got about 7 seconds recorded when a error message came. I ended up missing the rest of their reactions. That sucked. I have no idea what went wrong, so we just went on with the unwrapping.

Here is the very short video of the boys reaction.

We got started on the first gifts as I was snapping pictures. One of the first gifts Fionn opened was his Thomas and Gordon trains. He was thrilled and refused to open anymore gifts. Liam opened his first gift, Elmo tickle hands, he too loved the gift. Cian opened a set of Hot Wheels and immediately started playing with them. He too, refused to open anymore presents.....What is this...we have three kids that won't open anymore presents. There were tuns more. Declan opened his first gift, a sonic screwdriver from the British TV show, Doctor Who. He was siked and couldn't wait to play with it. Unfortunately, the little screw on the battery compartment was too small for any of our tools, so he will have to wait until Sean can buy an eyeglass repair kit. He still played with it though. I was in the process of taking a picture of Mary and her new ball when my camera froze up. We couldn't even turn if off. We had to wait until it ran out of charge and shut itself off. Sean was pretty upset and decided he was going to exchange it for the Flip. It's a lot more money, but has great reviews. So I had to use my MyTouch to take video and photos for the rest of the day. Here are a few more pictures I took throughout the day.

Declan and his Transformer.

Mary and her ball

Cian and his Transformer.

Liam and his present.

Declan and his Red Sox banner.

Fionny Playing with his Slinky Dog from Toy Story.

Happily playing with a few gifts, since they wouldn't open anything else of a long time.

It literally took us all day and night to finish opening gifts. There were so many and the kids were getting overwhelmed and tired. We put Mary and Fionn down for a nap while the other kids played with their toys. Sean had bought a 9 lb ham and a prime rib roast for our Christmas dinner. We were going to have both, but our wonderful landlord came over Christmas eve with a huge 10 lb ham from The Honeybaked company. We were thrilled and had that instead of the one Sean bought.

After Mary and Fionn woke up, they opened more presents and played with more toys, all while watching A Christmas Story and eating lots of candy. By dinner, they each had one or two gifts left. We still had to give the basketball hoop. Sean gave them the basket ball and said, "Lets go shoot some hoops" They had a little hoop my Mom bought them last year, but they threw the ball over the block fence and never got it back. So, here is a little video of their reaction.

Please excuse Seans' apparel. They played out there for an hour or so. We had dinner and they opened one last gift each. We saved Declans' big gift for last. He had been asking for a guitar and mic for months, so here it is...

So, we all had a great Christmas. Sean got his panini grill he wanted and a few DVDs he wanted as well. I got my camera, though its going back, Animal Crossing for the Wii, my favorite perfume Jessica McKlintock and an audio book recording of Pope John Pauls last book. We has the kids in bed around 9pm and we headed off to bed as well since Sean had to be up early for work. The next morning, this is what I woke up to.

SIGH..........It took me all morning to clean this and the kitchen up. When it was done, all was right with the world!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas so much. Poor old Santa's back must have hurt very badly after delivering this particular bag of presents. How on earth did he get it down the chimney - lol.

  2. LOL, I'm still wondering that myself. We did have a wonderful Christmas. Everyone has happy. How was yours?

  3. I LOVE all the kids reactions! It's so precious, the joy of Christmas morning =)
    Sorry about your camera.... that stinks!


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