Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The countdown prep begins!

I am really starting to bubble over with excitement! We had three more packages of toys arrive yesterday, one being the giant basketball hoop. It was so heavy, I had to have the FedEx dude roll it into the garage for me. Sean will be putting it together tomorrow night, (scary thought, he's not exactly a handy man.) while we are watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story and wrapping dozens of gifts!

Sean left for work a little early today. He wanted to buy the staff coffee from Starbucks and pick up some dounuts. They have really been busting their butts the past week to try and pick up the pace. They may actually make their quota after all this month!! I sure hope so, his monthly bonus was awful for November. On his way out, I snapped this picture of the girls as a good luck charm. He just adores his girls. I didn't think he would bond with them as much as he did with the boys, but I was wrong. Mary has him wrapped around her little finger. If she does something wrong, he'll raise his voice to her and she'll stick her little thumb into her mouth as her eyes well up with tears. She then runs to him and grabs onto his pants, clinging to him, as if trying to see if he still loves her. LOL, his eyes well up with tears and he caves in, collapsing to the floor to cuddle her. What a sucker, he just can't stay mad at her. He isn't there yet with Lizzie, but give it time. He's the only one that can get her to smile.

I have a few things planned today. I know there are still tuns of packages yet to be delivered, so I don't want the kids to be hanging out in the living room. So I let them go have at it in the backyard. I know I will regret that come sundown, when it's time to come in and they are covered in three layers of dirt and I have to give them all showers. Oh well, guess that's the price you pay. (It's been raining here for a few days now and its all muddy out back. For some reason, they just can't control themselves when it comes to mud.) Sean put a final order in to our local grocery delivery service. We decided to go with prime rib and ham this year. We had thought about ordering the entire meal from The HoneyBaked Ham Company, but to feed our family would have cost us around $150. That would have been fine, except Sean's bonus wasn't as much as he hoped and we still had about $400 worth of gifts to buy the kids, plus he hadn't bought me anything yet. So there went that idea.
I will be baking Seans favorite holiday cookies, Cherry Chocolate Kisses and Macaroons. I also missed my Dads fudge, so I will be making that as well. The boys are going to help me tomorrow afternoon. That should be fun for them.
All in all, we are on schedule for a great Christmas this year. I just wish I could have had Mom, Dad, Rene, and Aunt Doreen join us this year. Rene is almost half way through her radiation treatment and is doing ok with it. Aunt Doreen just had her first check up and was happy to report, she is still cancer free! Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!!


  1. Omigawd, Arley, your children are beautiful...!!! Talk about little angels.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful, Merry Christmas...!


  2. Thank you Jo!! Merry Christmas to you and the Munchkins!!


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