Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Christmas Tree 2009

We decorated our tree this afternoon (after my poor Patriots lost AGAIN). Declan, Cian, Liam, Fionn, and Mary all helped put the ornaments on the tree. I was video taping so Sean wanted no part of the festivities. He's camera shy. Instead he stood in the background and instructed the boys where to "fill in the gaps" as if I couldn't do that myself. They all had a ball. It was a little overwhelming for me though. I had five little kids all trying to put ornaments on the tree at once. All in all, they did a great job. I only had to re-arrange a few bolbs and only one got broken. Fionny dropped one in the kitchen. This is our finished product.

                              I tried to get some pictures of the kids in front of the tree, but they just wouldn't hold still long enough for me to snap a picture. These are the best ones.

Cian and Lizzie

Cian, Fionn, Declan and Lizzie

Lizzie and Declan

Elizabeth, 7 weeks 5 days

Me and Liam

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  1. Wonderful! I love your this post.. all is Smile and Happy looks like the old movie ' Sound of Music '...Merry Christmas !!


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