Friday, December 18, 2009

Promotion Update.....

I wrote a post reguarding a dinner meeting Sean was having with his boss and the VP of his company a few days ago. Well, I was a little upset about the possibility of him being promoted. It would mean a lot more hours, some travel out of state, and constant interruptions on his days off. Ok, I was REALLY upset, to the point of becoming physically ill. For those who don't know me, I do not know how to drive and I do not have a job. (I have a huge fear of driving, long story.) If Sean takes a promotion, he will have to travel to corporate every now and then. He may even be assigned a few stores that are far from home and would have to stay in a hotel for a few days. The thought of him not being there if something happens to me or the kids terrifies me. I have no one that could help me. No family in this state, no friends, nothing. I would be completely helpless.

Sean wasn't that interested in a promotion, he really doesn't want the extra responsibility right now. (He's having enough trouble coping with his terribile seasonal staff.) He was however, keeping an open mind about it until he saw how upset I got over it. The more I thought about it, the more upset I got. I was so sick, shaking and just completely distraught. I haven't been able to sleep either. I guess he was pretty shocked over how I took the idea. I tried to talk him out of even going to the meeting, for fear that they would make the position sound so great that he couldn't turn it down. No such luck. He went but promised me he wouldn't discuss any promotion until he talked it over with me.

When he got home, I was expecting him to tell me he wanted the position, but instead he said nothing. In fact, we haven't even talked about the meeting. I didn't want to bring it up, for fear of the unknown. Actually that made things worse for me. I knew nothing of what was discussed, so then I started thinking maybe that wasn't what the meeting was for. His numbers at work this month have been terrible due to the seasonal staff not preforming to the company standards. Now my fear was, what if it wasn't for a promotion at all, but to put him on a preformance increase plan. Of course, that terrified me even more since another RSM was canned last month for poor preformance. Would he be next....So I decided to flat out ask him, through text. (Again, fear of the unknown)

Well, they are not at all worried about his store. This is his first bad month, and the only thing thats bad is their sales. All the other numbers are through the roof. They did in fact want to talk about a San Diego, CA.....WHAT????? I don't want to move to San Diego. Too close to AZ for one, and hurricanes. He was flattered with the offer, but kindly let them know he wasn't interested in that responsibility right now. So, for now we are staying here. I feel better, but I just wish he would have told me instead of having to ask him about it. His job is such a mystery to me. I guess he likes to keep it that way.


  1. Arley,

    I am so glad for you that your husband will be staying put for now! It is time to relax and enjoy the Christmas season! Your strength is amazing and I admire you!

  2. Thank you, I know I need to just chill. That's hard to do, but at least it's over. Now I just have to worry about Christmas shopping.


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