Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Friday

This past week we had a few exciting things happen. It's offical, Miss Lizzie is the first of all 6 of our children to sleep through the night before 2 months. She is 7.3 weeks old and has been sleeping from 10pm to about 7 or 8am for the last week! WOO HOO!!!! Finally I can catch up on my much needed beauty sleep.
She is doing very well. Eating 6 oz every 4 hours or so during the day. She is starting to smile and loves attention from the other kiddos. Mary loves her the most. Every morning I bring out Lizzie and Mary goes ballistic. She screaches and yells just to give Lizzie a kiss on the head. One of these days I will have to record and post it. I just bought her a bunch of new clothes at Childrens Place. She grew out of 3-6 months already. How do they grow so fast?

Our next big event, Declan lost his second front baby tooth yesterday. Now instead of looking like that guy from The Goonies, (I can't remember what his name was, but you know who I'm talking about....the guy in the basement that liked Chunky candybars.) he looks like Goofy. Sean downloaded "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" onto his MyTouch and played it for him. Declan got a kick out of that. Again, he put his tooth in a plastic baggie and hid it under his pillow. This time he wasn't holding the bag, so Sean had no problem grabbing it. However, he did trip over a bunch of crap of the floor and made quite a ruckus. Fortunately, non of the two boys woke up. This morning he came running into our room with a new $5 bill. He was thrilled!!!

Sean will be off this Saturday-Monday. We are planning to take the group tomorrow to get pictures with Santa. Not sure how that will play out. We rarely take all the kids out. Liam gets car sick, sometimes even after we drug him up with Bonnine. It's always pretty nerve racking to go anywhere more than a mile with him in the car. The last time we tried to get pictures with Santa, was two years ago. (The dreaded Christmas of the stomach bug we ALL caught.) Sean dressed up like Santa on Christmas Eve and came to the front door and rang the bell. I answered it with Declan and Cian behind me. As soon as Sean blurted the HO HO HO, Cian BUGGED! He was terrified, shakeing from head to toe. We couldn't even get a picture with him. Lol, this year we decided to take them to see Santa and told them ahead of time. Cian started to bug again, but Sean reassured him that he would be right there with him. We'll see how it goes.

Sean is also planning to take Declan and Cian with him to go cut down our Christmas tree this year. We found a Christmas tree farm not too far from the house. Sean even went and bought a chain saw for the event. (Waste of money, if you ask me) He wants his own Christmas Vacation experience. Lets hope it ends better then theirs did.

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