Saturday, December 12, 2009

What do you get for someone who wants nothing??

Every year I go through the same crap with my husband. "What do you want for Christmas Sean?" His response, "Nothing, I don't want you to spend my money on me."

Since I don't have a job, Sean is our sole provider. Although he has no problem spending ridiculous amounts of money on an HDTV, laptop, and cell phones, he won't let ME buy HIM anything for Christmas. He came up with a large budget for the kids and me, but I can only spend $50 on him. WHAT IS THAT??? How am I supose to find him anything NICE for $50?

So again, I asked him what he wanted? Same answer...NOTHING! I know he wants one of those new eletronic book thingies, but he wants to wait until they come out with a better model. He needs all new kitchen stuff, (cookware, knives, that sort of stuff) but again, he is VERY picky and only wants to pick it out himself. He loves the Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots, I know he wants a Celtics shirt, but I don't know which one and they are all a minimum of $40 plus shipping. He had suggested I buy him a DVR, but what is the fun in that? It's not special or personal, and he would be picking it out, so where is the suprise in that? So I have come to a brick wall....Any suggestions for someone who wants NOTHING???? HELP!!!!

P.S. He doesn't read my blog, so he won't see this!!


  1. What about a digital picture frame, loaded with pictures of his beautiful, beautiful family? I think you can get some very nice ones at Walmart for about $69.00. There are more expensive ones out there, so you might want to do some researc first.



  2. Thats a good idea Jo, I'd never have thought of that. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!!!

  3. I am 100% with you on this one. My Hubby also wants nothing and I have often thought that is exactly what I will give him... nothing - but of course I won't do that. This year he has decide he wants to go camping for Christmas (????) so I am giving him a camping chair that won't collapse or tear when he sits in it. The camping bit is a story on it's own... but yes, he is Hubby and Dad so we all grin and bear it!


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