Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the real world.

Well, the holidays are officially over here in our crazy world. Here is a rundown of the last three days...

Thursday-New Years Eve....Let me think about what actually happened that day, it's kind of a blur.....What I can remember, Sean took back my Samsung camcorder/camera because it didn't work properly. We tore the house apart trying to find the reciept. No such luck, (I think I might have thrown it away by accident.) so he went to Walmart without in hopes that they would just let him exchange it and pay the difference for another camcorder. YA, that was a total debockle. He had to go all the way up the store chain of command just to exchange it. Everyone he talked to said they couldn't exchange an electronics product without the reciept. Finally the GM gave in and allowed him to purchase the difference for the FlipUltraHD. He then headed to GameStop to find the gift we couldn't find the boys for Christmas, the New Super Mario Brothers Wii game. Four stops later, he found it at a Target. We had planned on playing the game later that evening and ordering Chinese food, but then we saw there was a Doctor Who marathon on for New Years Eve and New Years day, so we watched that instead. (We did let the boys play the game for about an hour before bed that night.)

Sean and I planned on trying to stay up until Midnight, which is a streatch for us. (We're usually asleep by 10pm.) We sat and watched more Doctor Who until just before midnight, then Sean popped open a bottle of champagne and we had a little toast at midnight. We then moved into the kitchen because he wanted to listen to a song before bed. Well, one song turned into two songs, which turned into three, four, and so on. Now, also on his venture out that afternoon, he bought a 30 pack of beer, which he had been drinking throughout the afternoon. I had decided, since we were up, that I was going to buy a Wii game for Jazmin and send it to my Mothers house. I was looking for Mario Kart. Sean was playing with my new camcorder, which had been charging all afternoon. He started video taping me shopping online. At first the video was ok, but then he started to get a little "fresh". (Keep in mind, he had been drinking most of the afternoon and was now well into the bottle of champagne) What started off as him admiring my face in HD, soon turned into him admiring....certain anatomy parts of his own, in HD. Then proceeding to try and admire my anatomy parts in HD. I wasn't going there. LOL, I played back the video this afternoon and about died laughing. I would post the video, but my blog is rated PG, not XXX. Anyway, he bought me a few new outfits from Victoria Secrets and JC Pennys. By time all that was done, it was almost 5am. GOOD GRIEF, the kids would be up in an hour or so.

Friday- New Years Day, we woke up around 8:30am. Started watching more Doctor Who in bed. Sean got up to take a shower and I headed to the other bathroom to do the same. I joined him in our bathroom about 30 minutes later to find that he had thrown up. He felt awful and thought he was coming down with a stomach bug. He got out of the shower and headed back to bed. We had planned on a big turkey and stuffing dinner, but that was now a no go. He stayed in bed for the entire day. I had the TV on in the living room for the boys (They love Doctor Who as well) as I started to take down Christmas decorations and clean the house. I noticed the box of beer on the kitchen floor...only 1 left. The bottle of champagne, empty....OMG, he doesn't have a stomach bug, HE'S GOT A HANGOVER!!! He drank 29 beers and an entire bottle of champagne in less than 5 hours. What a dope. He finally started to feel better by dinner time and decided he wanted to order pizza and wings. We put the kids to bed around 7pm since Sean had to work the next morning.

Saturday- Sean gets up at 6:45 and starts getting ready for work. I stayed in bed and soon realized I wasn't feeling well at all. In fact, I felt like I was going to be sick. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest and i couldn't breath. I tried to get up and start making the kids breakfast, but the more I move around, the worse I felt. Sean saw how awful I felt and offered to take a day of PTO. I said no, it wasn't nessassary, but he called his boss and did it anyway. So, I laid on the cough for a bit, watching more Doctor Who. Sean and the boys got dressed and went to Target and Vons to pick up some groceries. I was starting to feel a little better after I ate something, and started taking Christmas orniments off the tree and walls. I was hoping to be done by time they got home. I soon noticed that Liam had a little stomach issue. He had a bad case of the poops. YUCK! I went through 9 diapers with him that day. After I got everything off the tree, Sean and the boys came home. They went to go play while Sean and I dragged the dead tree outside and attempted to vacuum the pine needles off my floor. (I desperately need a new vacuum.) Sean made the boys a quick dinner and we had the little guys in bed by 8pm so the big boys, Sean and I could watch the final episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant as The Doctor. By 10pm, the big boys were in bed, and we were headed there as well.

Sunday- Sean was off again and ready to watch the Patriots at 10am. We got up and made the kids breakfast. I was determined to gut my house and put our lives back together after Christmas. I also had a plan to rearrange the kids rooms. while Sean was watching the game, I bleached my kitchen and the dining room. Had the boys clean all the bedrooms, (Declan was not happy about being put to work at all.) so I could vacuum out there rooms and move the little guys beds into the big guys room. I moved the girls two cribs out of my living room and into the little guys old room. Sean came running in, saying Welker was hurt. It looked to be a knee injury. Oh no, there goes the Patriots chance at the super bowl this year. We had to wait and see what the verdict was. In the mean time, they lost again, and Sean was pretty bummed, but ready to cheer on the Celtics. I finished up the kids rooms and had high hopes for the new arrangement. Sean and I put all four boys down around 8pm and the girls as well. Mary was a little scared of being in the new room, but fell asleep quickly. Sean and I went to bed after watching a new episode of The Simpsons. 1am rolls around, and we are awakened by Fionns screaming fit. He had the stomach bug all day Sunday, so I thought he was a poop again. Instead, he wanted a glass of water. His screaming woke up Liam. Liam begins to scream. His diaper had leaked, so I had to change him and his jammies. I got his settled back down, but no such luck with Fionn. He screamed and bashed his head on the wall for about two hours. Sean had to go back to work the next morning. The boys and I had school the next morning as well. Needless to say, non of us got a good nights sleep.

Today- Sean went back to work and Declan and Cian, back to home school. I was expecting the day to be unproductive, but other than the occasional interruption from Liam, it was pretty good. So, here we are 4pm on Monday evening and I have yet to start dinner. Fionn is in the shower, he has a bad rash from his stomach issue. Declan, Cian, and Liam are playing happily in their room. Mary is playing happily in her room, and Lizzie is sleeping in my room. The landscapers finally took the decaying rat from our front yard away. (Curtesy of PT the Cat) All is right with the world!!! Have a great evening!!!

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