Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finals, Finals, Finals!!!

All this week Declan has been preparing for his finals on Thursday. We have been going over adding 0-6 numbers, Handwriting with the entire ABCs, Spelling words, History and Science (The human eye, sound, brushing our teeth, and the Food Pyrimid.) We have also gone over Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhyming Words and Contractions for English. He has read his first reader and knows all letter sounds as well as letter sound combos (CK, CH, OO, ING, AN, TH, ect.) for Phonics. He has all his required prayers memorized (Guardian Angel Prayer, Glory Be, Hail Mary, Lord's Prayer, Act of Contrition, Apostles' Creed and proper Sign of the Cross) and chapter questions for Religion. All in all, I think he will do great on his finals tomorrow. Sean and I have to give him the required tests and send them to Setons' for grading. We have the option of grading them as well for 50% of their grade. (We get a say in 50% of the grading on subjects like, Math, English, Phonics, Spelling, and Religion) I am going to have Sean give him the History and Science tests since he has not taught him these subjects. I think he would be a better grader then I. (We give the grades for subjects like Science, History, PE, Art and Music) As I have said in a past post, we can either mail in his tests or scan them to the school. Sean has yet to buy me a new scanner, so I will be using snail mail.

I am a little nervous about the testing, as this will be his first year that the grading isn't by myself or Sean. For those of you who aren't fimiliar with Setons, they have a more advanced educational program then any public school and can hold its own with any Catholic day school. There grading system is much higher and more advance. I know that he knows everything on the tests. I am more worried about the grade I will get as his teacher. I hope I am doing a good job teaching him. It's not easy and I give great respect to ANY parent that takes the time to home school their children. So I guess my point is, I'm the one getting the WISH US LUCK!!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure you all will go fine =)

  2. Good luck Declan! And Arley!

    I'm sure you have been doing a fine job teaching him. Hang in there!

  3. I always wondered why "wife" comes last out of three in the name of your blog, but I am beginning to understand. When do you get time to be Arley though? You continue amazing me.

  4. There is no "Arley". When you chose to have a big family, you chose to put yourself last. Their need always come first. I'm cool with that. (So long as I can get at least 15 minutes a day to myself to take a hot shower.)


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