Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new obsession....

I just realized this morning I have not posted a new blog in a week. My reason, I have a new obsession.....I admit, I am adicted to Farmville on Facebook. I know, I'm pathetic. My husband gets mad at me because I spend so much time playing the game. I can't help it, it's FUN!!! I discovered the game about 6 or 8 months ago, but when we moved, we didn't get internet right away, mainly because of our old crappy computer. We both had G1s, so we had full internet access on cell phones. Well, a few months ago, Sean broke down and bought a new laptop. We get free WiFi from his work, so why not take advantage. At first, I could play Farmville and any other app on Facebook with no problem. Then Sean did something to the computer and all the sudden, I couldn't access any apps on Facebook. It wasn't until last week that I discovered what he did. There was a security setting the had to be disabled in order for me to play. So, as long as I'm not surfing the web with it off, I can play Farmville.

A little update on whats going on here, We are starting a new term in school. Sean has decided to start teaching two classes in the evenings with Declan. Religion and History/Science. He loves those subjects and can teach them better than I can. He is also starting to teach Declan to speak German. Sean speaks it fluently and wants Declan to get a head start on his foreign language. (He starts that in second or third grade) I will be mailing Declans tests to Setons next week. I will post his grades when they return!

On a sad note, today is the 9 year anniversary of my Grandmothers death. She was a wonderful women and ment the world to me. I do hope she has made peace with her life and is happy in Heaven with our Lord!! God Bless you Grandma, I love and miss you!!!


  1. I love facebook too. It's a great way to stay connected to friends.

  2. I didn't realize you had a Facebook account. Email me and I will tell you how to find me!!!

  3. I played a lot of Farm Town at one time but it became a toss up between FT and blogging and guess what? Blogging won. However, till you get bored with it, ENJOY!


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