Monday, January 11, 2010

A mystery bug, and the naughty crew.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen and getting the kids breakfast ready, Sean came into the kitchen to tell me Fionn felt like he had a fever. Great...I thought out loud. I went in to see for myself. Sure enough, he was pretty warm. 101.5 was his temprature, but he was still acting normal, jumping around, playing, asking for food. By time breakfast was over, he wasn't so perkie. Instead of jumping out of his chair, he sat there like a slug. Yup, Fionny is sick. So I had him go lay down on the couch and watch PBS Sprout.

The older boys were cleaning up the kitchen and their room when the doorbell rang. A women was at the door. She introduced herself as our neighbor to the right of us. She was pretty upset and said that our children were throwing toys, paper, and trash over the wall into her backyard. Declan and Cian were standing behind me at this time, I turned and looked at them both....guilty as sin looks on each of their faces. I asked Declan, "Who was throwing papers and toys over the wall?" He instantly pointed at Cian. I apologized to the women, but all she wanted me to do was look over the wall at the mess. She said she would not return the toys and turned around and walked away.

I proceeded to yell at both Declan and Cian, but more so at Declan as he is old enough to know better. I asked him, "Why didn't you stop them from throwing things over the wall?" He didn't answer me..."Were you throwing crap over the wall too?" I asked him...."yes" in a very soft voice. Well, at least he didn't lie to me again. Needless to say, they got to spend the rest of the day in their room after they cleaned up the backyard. No Wii or outside play until further notice. Just wait until thier father gets home from work!


  1. Oh poor Fionn! I hope he is feeling better soon! As for the other little stinkers...good luck with them. I think it is little kid stinker butt time! Mine have been such boogers lately.

  2. Boys will be boys (and girls will be girls too) and although we are sometimes horified by their behaviour it serves us well to remember: THEY ARE JUST KIDS and their sense of right and wrong are still developing. I guess all I want to say is relax, don't upset yourself so much. Good luck. (Unfortunately I have not yet found a good manual for kids, they all seem to come out without one - lol)


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