Friday, January 22, 2010

What could have been so bad??

I have a very good friend whom I grew up with in AZ. She, like myself is very religious and has a large family. In fact, her first girl was due yesterday. (She has 3 boys) The only difference between us is that her husband is in the Army. They are stationed in TN. Last night, she was up cooking homemade chili and corn bread. She was also on Facebook. Now, it was around 11pm my time. So I messaged her to find out what time it was there and why she was still awake cooking when she is due to deliver ANY DAY. The conversation went something like this...

Me: Hey Sweetie, what time is it there? It's 11pm here.

Friend: It's

Me: Why are you up cooking at 1am when you should be getting your rest?

Friend: I can't sleep, so I decided to try my hand at homemade chili for my husbands lunch!

Me: Why can't you sleep?

Friend: I have a good friend who recently got married to a guy in the Army. They were just stationed here and she lives two hours from us.

Me: Thats cool!

Friend: Well, yesterday she walked into her bedroom and just witnessed her husband killing himself.

Me: OMG! Why, did he leave a note?

Friend: Nobody knows. He didn't let on at all that anything was wrong. We think he might have been stationed in Iraq or something and didn't want to go.

Me: I am so sorry. How is she?

Friend: She was in shock and flew his body back to AZ yesterday. Thats when it finally hit her. I haven't spoken to her since.

I was so shocked when she told me that. She said it's actually very common in millitary families. I just can't understand what would bring someone to such a "final" state. Did he even think about what that would do to his family and new bride. In a way, it makes me angry. God did not give him life just to disrespect him and throw it away. That poor family he left behind may never recover from his actions. His wife, who witnessed him take his own life, will need theropy for many many years. Did he thing about that before he decided to blow his brains out? I think not. I know I have no right to judge him. I have no idea what caused him to do such a thing. However I do have the right to my opinion and what he did was dispicable. He may even go to Hell for what he did. I sure sure hope, where ever he has landed, he regrets what he did,

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  1. This is SO sad. Unfortunately, it is all too common for military personnel. There was a guy from Adam's squadron that killed himself last year. He left behind a disabled wife and a little girl. We have no idea why he did it either. Adam and I just came across a picture of him holding his daughter the other day. It brought all those terrible feelings back.

    I'm praying for his wife- I can't imagine her horror. I think we also need to pray that the military keeps finding better ways to help thier soldiers, airmen, etc that are in need of help.


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