Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few new changes....

We made a few rather expensive changes to the house this week. As I had said in a past post, we were going to buy a new dining room set. Well, here it is! It arrived on Thursday morning, and after school was finished, I got the pain in the ass  pleasurous job of putting the entire set together myself. (Sean is not very handy when it comes to putting things together.) Four hours and two very sore hands later, this is the finished product.

We needed something that would accommodate all five kids and us as well, (Lizzie, obviously is too little to sit at the table yet.) but wouldn't cost us a fortune. Declan, Cian, and Fionn can all sit nicely on the bench. Liam, Mary, Sean and I all sit in the chairs. Not bad for $500. My only worry is that they will distroy the wood. It is solid oak but has a shiny finish that is just waiting to be distroyed by my little monsters. I am trying to find a table cloth and cushion set, but so far I have not found anything I like. (We have a country kitchen theme.) If anyone has any online store suggestions, please send them my way!!

Yesterday, Sean went out to buy groceries. This is what he came home with. I don't know about you, but I don't see any bread or milk here. He decided to take a detour to Best Buy. Its a 55 inch 1080p LCD Insignia. (Made by Samsung) The TV in our bedroom was starting to go out. I suggested we get a small 32 inch for the room. Instead, like any man, thinking only with "size" in mind, he goes and buys this monstrous lovely TV and moved our 42" LCD into our room. When I asked him how much it was, he quickly changed the subject.....sigh. So, here are two new things for the house. Little by little we will have everything we want. Next on the list is a sectional and wicker patio furniture.


  1. Ugh....that new TV is totally something Adam would do too. That's why he isn't allowed to go shopping! ;)It is really nice though!

  2. LOL, men right!!! If I don't here from you before you guys move, good luck and be safe!!! God Bless Michelle!!


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