Thursday, February 18, 2010


Its officially been a week with Wookie Dog in our family. He is finally statring to realize we aren't out to kill He has even started to show his true colors. Here is a rundown of our crazy week with him..
For the first two days, he wouldn't eat or drink anything. I called the pet shop to see if there was something wrong with him. The broken-English man on the phone said he was fine and that I just needed to give him a little time to adjust to his new home. Update, he is now eating his food, but for some reason, he will only eat his dinner feeding.

Potty training...As I said before, he is 5 months and not potty trained. I have never successfully potty trained a dog (or Liam and Fionn, for that matter) so I had no idea what I was doing. I did some online research and talked to Mom and Rene. They basically told me to take him out every hour and 10 to 15 minutes after he eats or drinks. Well, the first day we had no accidents. So I thought this would be a peice of cake....HAHAHA!!! The next day, he peed on my living room floor once and my classroom floor once as well. He's had an accident in my classroom everyday except today. Its a bit frustraiting. I'm afraid he will end up like Remy and never be trained. (Remy was our rat dog we inherrited back in Vegas, and had to give away because he wouldn't potty train.) I know its only been a week. He really isn't doing that badly. I just don't have unlimited time.

Habits- Wookie loves to dig holes in the backyard. Here is a little video of him. Sorry its sideways. He is such a weird little dog.

Last, we introduced Wookie to PT. Now there's a laugh. Wookie was not the least bit scared of PT, however PT was having no part of Wookie. He hissed and batted his paws at Wookie, but did that stop him.....nope!!! Here is another video of those two.

Update: Wookie just peed on the rug in my kitchen twice.....sigh.

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