Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ramdom going ons...

We've had a few different things going on over the last week. To start, as I had said in my last post, we hired a housemaid. She was suppose to start last Friday, but emailed me that morning to tell me her husband and children were very sick and she was coming down with it as well. I was glad she let me know that, because it got me thinking. I had never considered that bringing someone into our home, would bring illness as well...YUCK!!! My children have never been sick with anything worse than a little stomach bug (Knock on wood). This poor womens son has phenomia and a bacterial infection of some sort. He has been in the hospital on and off for over a month. I guess it was highly contagious. If we let her into our home, our entire family might catch it. NO THANK YOU!!! So, I decided I DO NOT want someone cleaning my house. Instead, Sean is buying me the IRobot Scooba 360. Its $399 and cleans 500 sq ft in one shot. That still doesn't solve the toilet and shower problem. So I guess I will just have to do deal with that some other time.

Declan just finished another term in school. Sean finally bought me a scanner so I was able scan off his tests yesterday. Unfortunately, he didn't do well on his math test. (Subtraction, Addition, and related facts...correcting a subtraction problem by adding the answer with the second number to find the first number....did that make sense? Adding 3 numbers) He did well with the addition and subtraction, he missed two because he wasn't paying attention to the sign. He also did well with the related facts, but he got all but one incorrect on the adding of 3 numbers. Now he was doing those very well for over a week, but for some reason, he forgot to add the first two numbers in the problem, move that number over to the next collum, and bring the remaining number over as well....example;
  3     7
  4   +6
+6   ____
He was bringing over the first 2 numbers without adding them together and forgetting the third number. He would then just add the two numbers and make that his final answer. So instead of the answer being 13, he would make it 7. I was so upset. I spent so much time teaching him that, and he had it,  but for some reason he forgot it on the test. Of course, Setons didn't have the test on the site for me to print out a new one, so he had to erase all the answers he got wrong. I had no idea what to do. I knew they were incorrect, was I suppose to just send them in incorrect and have him receive a bad grade, or have him figure out his mistakes and correct them himself? I decided to let him figure out what he did wrong and correct them. He did and got them all right the second time....sigh.

Our big accomplishment....Our least will be up June 1st. We wanted to stay here another year simply because the rent is cheap and the stress of moving didn't sound appealing. There were a few things we would have wanted done with the house if we did decide to stay here, one being new carpet in the living room. The carpet is an ugly dark brown and very DIRTY. We wanted something light and fluffy. We also wanted new screens on all the windows. Sean called up our landlord the other day ask if we could stay another year. She was thrilled we wanted to stay and had her realtor draw up a new contract...THE NEXT DAY! Wow, she's quick! Sean also asked her if she could replace the carpet and screens. "No problem, I'll send my guy right out. Just tell him what you want." Wow, that was too easy. He was here at 8am the next morning, I had bearly gotten out of bed. They measured and had it installed the next day. Here is the finished product. Its a shag carpet, but its better than what we had! (Lizzie doesn't look to happy with it.) So we are here for another 14 months. By then we will need a bigger place.

Easter is this Sunday and Seans store will be closed....Yippe!!! He was going to have to work, but the company decided to save a little money. So, we will be cooking a brunch and ordered our feast from, YUMMY!!! The boys will dye eggs and Sean will hide the plastic eggs for the kids and I to I love Easter Sunday. Its a new start for the year, all sins washed away. Thanks to our loving Father in Heaven.

                                 With that, here are a few new pictures of Lizzie! She is starting to sit up with some assistance. Have a great day!!

Big Smile

Too Cute, 5 1/2 months.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been awarded the Sugar Doll Award!!

Wow, just when I was having a stressful day, my wonderful blogging "Mom" gave me this lovely blogging award for "being such a sweet Superwoman mother to my Blogland grandchildren)" quoated from Anne at Just I and Myself
Thank you Anne for this wonderful award. Now I must say 10 things about myself, so here it goes....

1. Born in Phoenix, AZ
2. I have 7 children
3. I don't know how to drive
4. I homeschool my children
5. I'm Catholic
6. I love to take pictures
7. I actually enjoy vacuuming
8. I'm very outgoing
9. I love to help people
10. I'm lucky if I get a shower

Now I get to pick 10 people to pass this wonderful award to!!!!

1. Michelle at The Travis Life for being the most wonderful Air Force wife and Mother! I could never do what she does.
2. Nicole at The Williams Family Blog for being the strong women she is to three babies while her husband travels for a living...again, I could not do that.
3. Allison at Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool for being a wonderful Catholic Homeschooling Mother. She has so much wisdom and kind words. I love her blog.
4. Christine at Meet me at the gates for being the funny, real Mother and women she is. I always get a good laugh from her blog.
5. Melissa at The Wooden's She is the wife of a very good friend and she is a very beautiful Mother and person. I just love reading about their lives.
6. Jason at Digg Deep a great fitness blog for those of you who really want to get in shape and look great.
7. Sarah at Moments Defined Photography is a very old friend from high school and the best photographer I know in AZ. She is a super Mom as well!!!
8. Christine at Christine's Place to Share is the mother of a very good friend from AZ. She is a Mother, Nurse, and just a wonderful person. I love to read her blog.
9. Becca and AJ at Extreme Hare Makeover AJ is another old friend. He and his beautiful wife are first time parents to a beautiful baby girl, Brooke.
10. Confessions of a Homeschooler is my very favorite homeschool blog. Although I don't know her personally, she has the most delightful blog for those of us who homeschool.

There is my very favorite blogs that I have passed this lovely award to. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, you deserive it!!!

Unpleasant Job Duty

Sean left for work this morning a little uneasy. Of course now I am uneasy about him going into work. Here's the story...

As I had mentioned in a post around Christmas time, Sean was REALLY short staffed at work. So much so, that his boss hired a temp to fill in while Sean was on paterinaty leave. She actually hired two people. One, Sean let go a couple of months ago, but left the other on until now. He has not liked the guy from the moment he met him. He has a bad attitude, uses fawl language in the store, talks about women in a sexual way, while customers are in the store, misses important meetings and is always late. The good traits are, he brings in great numbers. His sales are one of the best in the store.

Well, Sean has until Thursday to either give the guy a permanent position or let him go. Since he has been on PTO for the last week, he has had plenty of time to think about his decision. He went back to work on Saturday with the intention of keeping the guy on, but under strick watch. (One more screw up and he's gone) Well, they all had a meeting on Sunday morning at 8am. No, not a single one of them wanted to go. (It was a regional meeting, attendence required for both staff and managers) Not even Sean, but all of his staff dragged their butts out of bed, hungover and all, and made it to the meeting...except "Tom". Sean and another one of his staff had to haul-butt from the meeting to go open the store at 10am. Who was sitting in the parking lot waiting for them....Tom. Sean of course ripped him a new one in the parking lot and sent him home. I guess the guy called later that day crying on the phone to Sean to not let him go.

So, that brings the story to today. Sean has decided to let the guy go today. He is opening with him, but Seans assistant will not be in until 1pm. Due to this guys background and temperament, Sean has to have another person present to give the guy the bad news. Sean is a little worried about what the guy might do. (He has a vilolent streak) So, of course I am worried for his safety. Sean is doing a split today and will be leaving right after this guy gets let go. Who knows what the guy might do. He could hang around and damage the van, or worse...MY HUSBAND. I am so worried. I know this is part of the job, but it doesn't make it any easier. Please say a prayer for my husband!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One crazy week...Two successful Birthdays!!

For the last week and a half, Sean has been on vacation/PTO. Last Saturday, was his 36th Birthday! I had the boys make him homemade Birthdays cards. They turned out sooooo cute!! (Here is the finished product)

Front of Declans card

Inside of Declans card

Front of Cians card

Inside of Cians card.

I also had this photo framed and matted for his desk at work.

Needless to say, it made his cry!! I was so pleased that he liked them. He also bought himself a new Blu-ray player that has WiFi access, so he bought NetFlix as well. That is pretty much all we have been watching for the last week.

When we weren't watching TV, we made it outside for a few grillins!! Here are some of the photos I took. (Hope you're sitting, this could take



Liam and Mary (One of my favorites)



Sean grillin burgers

Mary Byrd!!

Mary and Lizzie

Lizzie the Bird

Fionny again

Mary pushing Cian

My very favorite picture of Mary!!

Declan and his missing tooth.

Mary pushing Lizzie

Last, this beautiful butterfly I found on my flowers.

The second birthday of the week was Cians 6th birthday. Most of the above photos were from his little party. We played Nintendo, watched the GI Joe movie and opened presents. Oh, and he had his first ice cream cake (Ice cream and cake, do the ice cream and cake). Here are a few pictures from opening presents.

Cian opening his first present

A pillow pet!!!

More presents

Getting ready to open his big present....

Doctor Who action men!!!

He got a pillow pet, a puzzle of the USA, a Thomas flash light, Hot Wheels, A Red Sox shirt,  and Doctor Who action figures. The pillow pet and the Doctor Who figures were the hits.

Cars Ice Cream Cake

Blowing out the candles.

All in all, we had a good week together. Sean went back to work today and I spent 4 hours vacuuming rooms....sigh, back to the real world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just one of those days.....

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like the only reason you were put on this earth was to be a house maid for everyone else? That's how I feel today. I'm sure I've written a post about this very same subject in the past. Usually I don't mind playing the role I do in our family. Sean works for the money to support us, and I work for the children and Sean. We each have an important role in this family. The family would fall apart if we didn't. There are just some days that I wish I got a vacation from EVERYONE.

 Daylight savings changed and we lost an hour of our day. Its bad enough that I have to wake up every morning around 5:30 or 6am to let Wookie out. Of course I can never go back to sleep. So I might as well get up and start the house work while everyone is still sleeping. Lucky me, that's really the only alone time I get in an average day.

Sean is on vacation this week and we have done NOTHING. I have not left the house since Lizzie was born. (She just turned 5 months on the 13th of this month.)
 I guess I'm a bit stir crazy. However, going out means Liam puking in the van and us having to find a place that rents double strollers. (The kids distroyed the one we had). Other than the mall, who really rents strollers?

Because of my moodyness lately, Sean has let me interview for a maid service. Of course now he has regret letting me do so, since its now cheap to have someone come clean the bathrooms and mop the floors. He says he'll just buy me a Scooba for the floors and he'll clean the bathrooms. YA RIGHT!!! I've seen his cleaning skills and they're not acceptable. He would just put it off until I gave in and did it myself. So we would be back to square on. No time for me and a really sore back. I feel like a slave in my own home.

I can remember as a little girl, I couldn't wait to grow up so I wouldn't have to do chores. I would be able to do anything I wanted...hahahahaha. Now I wish I was that little girl again. Mom, will you come clean my house for me, I need a break!!!!

I'm sorry for the depressing post. I just needed to vent to someone. Sean is mad at me for complaining, so what does he do to get away from me, says he's going out to buy the kids some new shoes and shorts. He leaves me to deal with the same old crap. I wish I could get over my fear of driving so I can get out and leave him trapped in this house with all 6 monsters. Maybe he would have a little compassion for me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I got a new camera!

My wonderful husband bought me a new camera, since my cell phone camera just isn't cutting it. My kids are just too quick for Android!!! Since I have this new camera, what would make a great gift for Seans 36th birthday.....A family portrait....well, of the kids, at least. I got them all dressed up and ready to take the pictures, but then they all decided to get cranky on me. Needless to say, this was the best photo I could get of all 6. I had the picture blown up into a 5x7 and framed for his desk at work. He's been wanting a picture for his desk for awhile now. I hope he likes it!

I was only able to take 3 or 4 pictures, but one in particular looked pretty cute after the fact. It kinda shows my little monsters true personalities. Fionn was extra moody in the photo. They are all so into Lizzie. Its like she's Wonder Woman or something. I really hope, as they get older, that they will have the same love for each other.

While I was out back waiting for Suckadog Wookie to do his business, I decided to play with the new camera a little. Mary was running  around playing in puddles of water and discovering flowers in the backyard. She was so happy, I couldn't resist snapping a few shots. After I uploaded the pictures, I discovered that my camera software has some pretty cool features. Here is a shot I took of Mary touching a yellow flower.

Now here is the same picture in cartoon form. Pretty cool! After dinner, I took a few pictures of the rest of the kiddos. Here are a few of those. (Please excuse that my kids are mostly nude, like their father, they refuse to wear clothing.)

Declan, Liam and Cian (Liam Sandwich)

Declan and Liam

Declan. Liam and Silly Cian

Mary and Declan

My very favorite...Mary watching her brothers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Week

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It has been pretty busy around here. I am doing double weeks every other week in school to try and catch Declan up. Since he is way ahead of what is being taught in term two, I thought it would be a good idea. I had no idea how much work it would be. Sure he blows through it, but he is doing 4 and 5 pages of work per day. We haven't been getting done with school until almost 3 this week. (We are in week 16) He is learning long and short I sounds, but he already knows how to read, so he gets bored easily. He is learning all about Nouns in  English and has done great with them. (Proper and Common Nouns) Spelling has become a little tricky as he is doing Homonyms for spelling words. He can spell them all fine, but to add a little challange, not only does he need to spell the words correctly, but also use them in  the proper meaning. (I read a sentence with one spelling of a word, ie- meet. He must know the correct definition of the word and spell it correctly.) The first test we did like that, he only got one set of words correct. (There were 5 sets) That tells me I needed to spend more time on the proper usage and less on the spelling (He spelled them all correctly). He is doing much better this week. In Math, he has mastered single digit subtraction (8-4=4). He now has to memorize these equations. A bit tricky, but he is doing well. He is learning all about smell and taste in Science. Memorizing terms like a champ, and evening correcting me on occasion. (He is well on his way to being smarter then me.) He learned all about the Declaration of Independence in History and can recite all 13 colonies from memory. (I couldn't even do that.) He knows what all the starts and stripes represent on the flag as well. I taught him a song from my childhood,"Fifty Nifty United States". We preformed the song in a flag ceremony in third grade. I found the video online and played it for the boys. They have been singing it ever since.

When I'm not teaching, the rest of my free time is consumed by our new 4-legged friend. He has become more of a hassel then a friend. He is just NOT getting this potty training thing. Sean found a few videos online for us to watch about how to properly potty train a dog. They all suggested crate training, so Sean went out and spent $50 on a crate for him. We got the black wire kind with the door. It has a slide out tray on the bottom. At first I was putting his blanket in with him overnight, but every morning it was soaked with urine. He is 5 months old and should be able to hold his bladder for up to 8 hours...NOPE! So, as the video suggested, we have removed the blanket and shoved a box into the crate to make his space smaller. (They won't usually pee where they sleep.) HAHAHA, we must have bought the retarded puppy, because he STILL peed in his crate, even without the blanket. So, 5:45am on Monday, I was up giving the stupid dog a bath. I had to scrub his crate again as well. Back to the drawing board. I rewatched the video and saw that I may have to set an alarm early in the morning to take him out. So, we let him out for the last time last night at 9pm. (Right after American Idol) I set my cell alarm for 4am, 7 hours. Oh, I did not want to get up, but I stumbled into the living room and kitchen to see if I would be giving Stupid Wookie another bath..NOPE!! I still had time, so out he went!!! I went back to bed and he had me up again at 7am. No accidents!!! Woo Hoo! Today, I am determined to get through the day with none, so I fed him, waited 15 minutes and took him out. He peed and pooped, twice. Brought him back in and got breakfast ready for the punks kids, ironed Sean's work clothes and got the classroom ready. I let him out again, he pooped again, but no pee. So I started class and got through 3 classes before I let him out again, he peed!! So here we are, 3pm and it's time to take him out again. Wish me luck!!!