Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Week

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It has been pretty busy around here. I am doing double weeks every other week in school to try and catch Declan up. Since he is way ahead of what is being taught in term two, I thought it would be a good idea. I had no idea how much work it would be. Sure he blows through it, but he is doing 4 and 5 pages of work per day. We haven't been getting done with school until almost 3 this week. (We are in week 16) He is learning long and short I sounds, but he already knows how to read, so he gets bored easily. He is learning all about Nouns in  English and has done great with them. (Proper and Common Nouns) Spelling has become a little tricky as he is doing Homonyms for spelling words. He can spell them all fine, but to add a little challange, not only does he need to spell the words correctly, but also use them in  the proper meaning. (I read a sentence with one spelling of a word, ie- meet. He must know the correct definition of the word and spell it correctly.) The first test we did like that, he only got one set of words correct. (There were 5 sets) That tells me I needed to spend more time on the proper usage and less on the spelling (He spelled them all correctly). He is doing much better this week. In Math, he has mastered single digit subtraction (8-4=4). He now has to memorize these equations. A bit tricky, but he is doing well. He is learning all about smell and taste in Science. Memorizing terms like a champ, and evening correcting me on occasion. (He is well on his way to being smarter then me.) He learned all about the Declaration of Independence in History and can recite all 13 colonies from memory. (I couldn't even do that.) He knows what all the starts and stripes represent on the flag as well. I taught him a song from my childhood,"Fifty Nifty United States". We preformed the song in a flag ceremony in third grade. I found the video online and played it for the boys. They have been singing it ever since.

When I'm not teaching, the rest of my free time is consumed by our new 4-legged friend. He has become more of a hassel then a friend. He is just NOT getting this potty training thing. Sean found a few videos online for us to watch about how to properly potty train a dog. They all suggested crate training, so Sean went out and spent $50 on a crate for him. We got the black wire kind with the door. It has a slide out tray on the bottom. At first I was putting his blanket in with him overnight, but every morning it was soaked with urine. He is 5 months old and should be able to hold his bladder for up to 8 hours...NOPE! So, as the video suggested, we have removed the blanket and shoved a box into the crate to make his space smaller. (They won't usually pee where they sleep.) HAHAHA, we must have bought the retarded puppy, because he STILL peed in his crate, even without the blanket. So, 5:45am on Monday, I was up giving the stupid dog a bath. I had to scrub his crate again as well. Back to the drawing board. I rewatched the video and saw that I may have to set an alarm early in the morning to take him out. So, we let him out for the last time last night at 9pm. (Right after American Idol) I set my cell alarm for 4am, 7 hours. Oh, I did not want to get up, but I stumbled into the living room and kitchen to see if I would be giving Stupid Wookie another bath..NOPE!! I still had time, so out he went!!! I went back to bed and he had me up again at 7am. No accidents!!! Woo Hoo! Today, I am determined to get through the day with none, so I fed him, waited 15 minutes and took him out. He peed and pooped, twice. Brought him back in and got breakfast ready for the punks kids, ironed Sean's work clothes and got the classroom ready. I let him out again, he pooped again, but no pee. So I started class and got through 3 classes before I let him out again, he peed!! So here we are, 3pm and it's time to take him out again. Wish me luck!!!

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