Sunday, March 7, 2010

I got a new camera!

My wonderful husband bought me a new camera, since my cell phone camera just isn't cutting it. My kids are just too quick for Android!!! Since I have this new camera, what would make a great gift for Seans 36th birthday.....A family portrait....well, of the kids, at least. I got them all dressed up and ready to take the pictures, but then they all decided to get cranky on me. Needless to say, this was the best photo I could get of all 6. I had the picture blown up into a 5x7 and framed for his desk at work. He's been wanting a picture for his desk for awhile now. I hope he likes it!

I was only able to take 3 or 4 pictures, but one in particular looked pretty cute after the fact. It kinda shows my little monsters true personalities. Fionn was extra moody in the photo. They are all so into Lizzie. Its like she's Wonder Woman or something. I really hope, as they get older, that they will have the same love for each other.

While I was out back waiting for Suckadog Wookie to do his business, I decided to play with the new camera a little. Mary was running  around playing in puddles of water and discovering flowers in the backyard. She was so happy, I couldn't resist snapping a few shots. After I uploaded the pictures, I discovered that my camera software has some pretty cool features. Here is a shot I took of Mary touching a yellow flower.

Now here is the same picture in cartoon form. Pretty cool! After dinner, I took a few pictures of the rest of the kiddos. Here are a few of those. (Please excuse that my kids are mostly nude, like their father, they refuse to wear clothing.)

Declan, Liam and Cian (Liam Sandwich)

Declan and Liam

Declan. Liam and Silly Cian

Mary and Declan

My very favorite...Mary watching her brothers.


  1. Your children are absolutely ADORABLE! I love the photos. The first group shot is sweet but i really like the second where they are all looking towards Lizzie (except for Fionn(?)). I know you were having a bit of a rough time with them today (Love Facebook updates!). There are days when the kids are crazy and then one of them, or all of them do something or say something that just amazes the heck right outta ya!

  2. Fionn has taken the "terrible Two's" to a whole new level. He was having one of his awful moments.

    The day itself wasn't bad, at least not until Daddy went to work at 4:30pm. After that it was all down hill. Declan and Cian fighting over the Wii. Fionn screaming his head off for no good reason, and Liam pushing poor Mary to the ground, over and over again. I was trying to cook dinner and clean the kitchen.

  3. Sounds like a pretty normal 6-kid household to me (giggle). They are so beautiful and I can imagine quite a handfull. Enjoy them (whenever you get time to!!)

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  5. Love all the pics!!! Congrats on a new camera. I WANT ONE TOO!

    Your blog is beautiful!

  6. Great pictures! Glad you got a new camera. Love the "Liam sandwich"

  7. I guess the best of the picture is " Mary waching her brothers "....Great one ! Why don't you exhibit it to the picture contest ?? Cute kids ! Nice pictures all !


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