Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been awarded the Sugar Doll Award!!

Wow, just when I was having a stressful day, my wonderful blogging "Mom" gave me this lovely blogging award for "being such a sweet Superwoman mother to my Blogland grandchildren)" quoated from Anne at Just I and Myself
Thank you Anne for this wonderful award. Now I must say 10 things about myself, so here it goes....

1. Born in Phoenix, AZ
2. I have 7 children
3. I don't know how to drive
4. I homeschool my children
5. I'm Catholic
6. I love to take pictures
7. I actually enjoy vacuuming
8. I'm very outgoing
9. I love to help people
10. I'm lucky if I get a shower

Now I get to pick 10 people to pass this wonderful award to!!!!

1. Michelle at The Travis Life for being the most wonderful Air Force wife and Mother! I could never do what she does.
2. Nicole at The Williams Family Blog for being the strong women she is to three babies while her husband travels for a living...again, I could not do that.
3. Allison at Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool for being a wonderful Catholic Homeschooling Mother. She has so much wisdom and kind words. I love her blog.
4. Christine at Meet me at the gates for being the funny, real Mother and women she is. I always get a good laugh from her blog.
5. Melissa at The Wooden's She is the wife of a very good friend and she is a very beautiful Mother and person. I just love reading about their lives.
6. Jason at Digg Deep a great fitness blog for those of you who really want to get in shape and look great.
7. Sarah at Moments Defined Photography is a very old friend from high school and the best photographer I know in AZ. She is a super Mom as well!!!
8. Christine at Christine's Place to Share is the mother of a very good friend from AZ. She is a Mother, Nurse, and just a wonderful person. I love to read her blog.
9. Becca and AJ at Extreme Hare Makeover AJ is another old friend. He and his beautiful wife are first time parents to a beautiful baby girl, Brooke.
10. Confessions of a Homeschooler is my very favorite homeschool blog. Although I don't know her personally, she has the most delightful blog for those of us who homeschool.

There is my very favorite blogs that I have passed this lovely award to. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, you deserive it!!!

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  1. Awarded it? Congrats you're the Sugar Doll...!


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