Monday, March 15, 2010

Just one of those days.....

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like the only reason you were put on this earth was to be a house maid for everyone else? That's how I feel today. I'm sure I've written a post about this very same subject in the past. Usually I don't mind playing the role I do in our family. Sean works for the money to support us, and I work for the children and Sean. We each have an important role in this family. The family would fall apart if we didn't. There are just some days that I wish I got a vacation from EVERYONE.

 Daylight savings changed and we lost an hour of our day. Its bad enough that I have to wake up every morning around 5:30 or 6am to let Wookie out. Of course I can never go back to sleep. So I might as well get up and start the house work while everyone is still sleeping. Lucky me, that's really the only alone time I get in an average day.

Sean is on vacation this week and we have done NOTHING. I have not left the house since Lizzie was born. (She just turned 5 months on the 13th of this month.)
 I guess I'm a bit stir crazy. However, going out means Liam puking in the van and us having to find a place that rents double strollers. (The kids distroyed the one we had). Other than the mall, who really rents strollers?

Because of my moodyness lately, Sean has let me interview for a maid service. Of course now he has regret letting me do so, since its now cheap to have someone come clean the bathrooms and mop the floors. He says he'll just buy me a Scooba for the floors and he'll clean the bathrooms. YA RIGHT!!! I've seen his cleaning skills and they're not acceptable. He would just put it off until I gave in and did it myself. So we would be back to square on. No time for me and a really sore back. I feel like a slave in my own home.

I can remember as a little girl, I couldn't wait to grow up so I wouldn't have to do chores. I would be able to do anything I wanted...hahahahaha. Now I wish I was that little girl again. Mom, will you come clean my house for me, I need a break!!!!

I'm sorry for the depressing post. I just needed to vent to someone. Sean is mad at me for complaining, so what does he do to get away from me, says he's going out to buy the kids some new shoes and shorts. He leaves me to deal with the same old crap. I wish I could get over my fear of driving so I can get out and leave him trapped in this house with all 6 monsters. Maybe he would have a little compassion for me.


  1. Hi Arley, do not apologise for the slight negativity in your post. I have also, and often, been where you are. No life of your own... every single minute for someone else. If you look at my very first post you will realise that is exactly why I started blogging... and my familyis all grown up, so I understand completely how you must be feeling. Keep up your head girl, you are doing well and the babies will get bigger and you will be able to go out and enjoy the big, bad world again. Blessings to you.

  2. Ugh! All I can say is excatly! EXCATLY! Perhaps it is husband cranky time? Mine is driving me crazy and nothing is getting done with him home. In fact he makes more work for me. We are currently not speaking to each other. This is especially funny if you've read my last post.

    Anyway, I feel for you my dear! I am all for you getting a cleaning person in. You cannot do it all! I only have 3 kids to your 6 but with our little ones being a week apart in age I know what it is like to not leave the house unless it is child related. We need some time away! Could you get a taxi and go someplace alone for a while? Even just to sit and read at a bookstore.

    You are a great mother! And wife!

    If you ever need to vent to someone I am willing to listen. Meanwhile I will visit with you on Facebook and "help" at your farm!

  3. Thanks guys!!! I'm currently interviewing ladies for the house work...yah!!!


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