Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ramdom going ons...

We've had a few different things going on over the last week. To start, as I had said in my last post, we hired a housemaid. She was suppose to start last Friday, but emailed me that morning to tell me her husband and children were very sick and she was coming down with it as well. I was glad she let me know that, because it got me thinking. I had never considered that bringing someone into our home, would bring illness as well...YUCK!!! My children have never been sick with anything worse than a little stomach bug (Knock on wood). This poor womens son has phenomia and a bacterial infection of some sort. He has been in the hospital on and off for over a month. I guess it was highly contagious. If we let her into our home, our entire family might catch it. NO THANK YOU!!! So, I decided I DO NOT want someone cleaning my house. Instead, Sean is buying me the IRobot Scooba 360. Its $399 and cleans 500 sq ft in one shot. That still doesn't solve the toilet and shower problem. So I guess I will just have to do deal with that some other time.

Declan just finished another term in school. Sean finally bought me a scanner so I was able scan off his tests yesterday. Unfortunately, he didn't do well on his math test. (Subtraction, Addition, and related facts...correcting a subtraction problem by adding the answer with the second number to find the first number....did that make sense? Adding 3 numbers) He did well with the addition and subtraction, he missed two because he wasn't paying attention to the sign. He also did well with the related facts, but he got all but one incorrect on the adding of 3 numbers. Now he was doing those very well for over a week, but for some reason, he forgot to add the first two numbers in the problem, move that number over to the next collum, and bring the remaining number over as well....example;
  3     7
  4   +6
+6   ____
He was bringing over the first 2 numbers without adding them together and forgetting the third number. He would then just add the two numbers and make that his final answer. So instead of the answer being 13, he would make it 7. I was so upset. I spent so much time teaching him that, and he had it,  but for some reason he forgot it on the test. Of course, Setons didn't have the test on the site for me to print out a new one, so he had to erase all the answers he got wrong. I had no idea what to do. I knew they were incorrect, was I suppose to just send them in incorrect and have him receive a bad grade, or have him figure out his mistakes and correct them himself? I decided to let him figure out what he did wrong and correct them. He did and got them all right the second time....sigh.

Our big accomplishment....Our least will be up June 1st. We wanted to stay here another year simply because the rent is cheap and the stress of moving didn't sound appealing. There were a few things we would have wanted done with the house if we did decide to stay here, one being new carpet in the living room. The carpet is an ugly dark brown and very DIRTY. We wanted something light and fluffy. We also wanted new screens on all the windows. Sean called up our landlord the other day ask if we could stay another year. She was thrilled we wanted to stay and had her realtor draw up a new contract...THE NEXT DAY! Wow, she's quick! Sean also asked her if she could replace the carpet and screens. "No problem, I'll send my guy right out. Just tell him what you want." Wow, that was too easy. He was here at 8am the next morning, I had bearly gotten out of bed. They measured and had it installed the next day. Here is the finished product. Its a shag carpet, but its better than what we had! (Lizzie doesn't look to happy with it.) So we are here for another 14 months. By then we will need a bigger place.

Easter is this Sunday and Seans store will be closed....Yippe!!! He was going to have to work, but the company decided to save a little money. So, we will be cooking a brunch and ordered our feast from, YUMMY!!! The boys will dye eggs and Sean will hide the plastic eggs for the kids and I to I love Easter Sunday. Its a new start for the year, all sins washed away. Thanks to our loving Father in Heaven.

                                 With that, here are a few new pictures of Lizzie! She is starting to sit up with some assistance. Have a great day!!

Big Smile

Too Cute, 5 1/2 months.

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  1. She is beautiful and seems such a happy baby. Five and a half months? How time flies. Joshua (my new grandson), and his parents (lol), will be visiting us for Easter and you know what... I have cold so I will have to stay away from him... OUCH!


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