Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unpleasant Job Duty

Sean left for work this morning a little uneasy. Of course now I am uneasy about him going into work. Here's the story...

As I had mentioned in a post around Christmas time, Sean was REALLY short staffed at work. So much so, that his boss hired a temp to fill in while Sean was on paterinaty leave. She actually hired two people. One, Sean let go a couple of months ago, but left the other on until now. He has not liked the guy from the moment he met him. He has a bad attitude, uses fawl language in the store, talks about women in a sexual way, while customers are in the store, misses important meetings and is always late. The good traits are, he brings in great numbers. His sales are one of the best in the store.

Well, Sean has until Thursday to either give the guy a permanent position or let him go. Since he has been on PTO for the last week, he has had plenty of time to think about his decision. He went back to work on Saturday with the intention of keeping the guy on, but under strick watch. (One more screw up and he's gone) Well, they all had a meeting on Sunday morning at 8am. No, not a single one of them wanted to go. (It was a regional meeting, attendence required for both staff and managers) Not even Sean, but all of his staff dragged their butts out of bed, hungover and all, and made it to the meeting...except "Tom". Sean and another one of his staff had to haul-butt from the meeting to go open the store at 10am. Who was sitting in the parking lot waiting for them....Tom. Sean of course ripped him a new one in the parking lot and sent him home. I guess the guy called later that day crying on the phone to Sean to not let him go.

So, that brings the story to today. Sean has decided to let the guy go today. He is opening with him, but Seans assistant will not be in until 1pm. Due to this guys background and temperament, Sean has to have another person present to give the guy the bad news. Sean is a little worried about what the guy might do. (He has a vilolent streak) So, of course I am worried for his safety. Sean is doing a split today and will be leaving right after this guy gets let go. Who knows what the guy might do. He could hang around and damage the van, or worse...MY HUSBAND. I am so worried. I know this is part of the job, but it doesn't make it any easier. Please say a prayer for my husband!!!

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