Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had another successful Easter this year! The kids all colored eggs the night before and had a blast. (Though 18 isn't enough for our oversized family). Cian lost his second lower baby tooth that morning as well. Sean asked him, "What is the tooth Fairy going to bring you?" Cians' response, "Aw, money!" Lol, he's so funny.

Easter morning we actually got to sleep until 8:30am. It was so nice. I got up and gave the girls a shower and put them in pretty dresses. Sean cleaned up the "evidence" from the living room and started preping the prime rib for cooking. (As I had said in the last post, we ordered the majority of our dinner from, a ham, turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry pecan salad, cheesy potatos and mushroom gravy. There was also a champagne mustard and cranberry & walnut chutney.) At the last minute, Sean decided he wanted Prime Rib with green beans too. We had enough food to feed a small army.

The Easter Bunny hid 4 dozen plastic eggs with Starburst Jellybeans inside. We had a blast hiding them. They each had a basket with tuns of candy, baseball cards, Twister, and a Tardis (Not really, it was actually a phone box, red....close enough). As a child, Sean collected thousands of baseball cards. He said at one point, he counted over 30,000. After he went to collage, his Mother had a garage sale and sold all of the cards to some boy Sean disliked for something like $15. To this day, he still hasn't forgiven her. So, he decided to start a new collection with the boys. They sat on the floor for over an hour after the egg hunt and opened 50 different packs. He later went on a shopping spree and bought the complete 91 and 92 sets (each has around 800 cards) 87 too I think and a couple other years. It amounts to about 3,000 cards. He's so excited to get the boys involved.

We watched the Celtics game. (Sean just about threw the remote at the TV a few times) Played a little baseball with the boys and just chilled until 3pm. As we were preparing dinner, I felt a little woozie, or so I thought. There was a pot of green beans on the stove, which was swaying back and forth. I looked at Sean, who was standing on the other side of the stove....he had a weird look on his face too. Then he pointed to the hanging light about the table....EARTHQUAKE!!!! We had our first little earthquake. It was so weird. It felt like the room was slowly swaying from side to side. There was a 7.2 in Baja and we felt it all the way over here. The only kid that really noticed it was Declan. He thought it was cool. I hate to see his reaction when we actually get a big one.

Dinner was awesome, tuns of leftovers for tonight! After dinner we all watched the Red Sox and saw Neil Diamond sing Sweet Caroline and Steve Tyler sing God Bless America (an awful rendition, however entertaining....who was that girl?) We had all the kids in bed in time to watch The Pacific.

All in all, we had a wonderful day. Here are some pictures...

Declan and Fionn dying eggs.

Cian, Fionn and Declan

Cians unintentional silly face.

The whole gang!

Finished product!

The boys baskets!

Mary found two eggs!

Cian found an egg.

Fionny found an egg in the tree.

Discovering the eggs have jellybeans inside.

I forgot to add these two photos of Sean and the boys going through their baseball cards.


  1. Sounds like yummy food and fun for the kiddos...

    EARTHQUAKE!! Glad it was just a little shaky and nothing serious. We do not get earth quakes here in MN thank goodness!

  2. It was our first one, thank goodness it was little. Whats funny about it, Sean had just had the 55 inch TV mounted on the wall the day before for that very reason. Good timeing on his part.

  3. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Easter- minus the earthquake!!!

    LOVED Mary's dress =)

    I used to collect baseball cards (not nearly as many as Sean) and I have no idea where they are not either. I'm glad he's taking up his hobby again with the boys!


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