Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm back....well sort of....

Hello everyone, I have decided to stand my ground with Sean and keep my blog. I'm tired of him telling me how to run my life and my day. He may be my husband, and I love him dearly, but he is a controlling AH and I am taking myself back. So, here I am....

A lot has happened in the last few months. Lizzie has started crawling and sitting up on her own. She now has three teeth. Mary has adopted her as her own "baby" She has a fit if she can't help change and feed her. Note the photo It really is cute. Mary has become quite the little talker. Non-stop!! She loves to dance too. Maybe she'll follow in her Mommies footsteps!!!

About a month ago, my kitty PT, the black one, left and never came back. We think someone kittynapped him. I was so crushed. So, Sean bought me a new very tiny kitten for our 6th wedding Anniversary on Fathers Day. She was soooo tiny, she sat right in Seans hand. She was the runt and only 10 weeks old. It was scary holding her since you could feel every bone in her body. Soooo skinny. Her name was Layla, but Mary decided to name her Wookie Cat Dee-Duh. So, that's her name.
We've had some house problems a few weeks ago. I was doing school in the kitchen with Declan since its too hot in the classroom these days. All the sudden, we hear water pouring onto the floor. It was coming from the dishwasher. The entire kitchen was flooded. I called our landlord and she sent Router Rooter right out. He said there was a slight blockage, but that wasn't what was causing the dishwasher to overflow. It stopped draining. He said we needed a new one. So, our landlord bought us a new one, but it was out of stock and wouldn't be delivered for a week. Ugh, an entire week of having to wash dishes by hand. It was awful. Thankfully, we have a new one and it works great. 

I will be taking a short trip out to AZ with Lizzie and Mary to visit Mom, Dad, Rene, and a couple friends at the end of August. I can only stay for 3 nights, so I won't be able to see everyone I'd like. However, I am looking forward to seeing my very good friends Billy and Jeff. Sean is taking a month of FMLA off, so he thought it would be a good idea for me to go visit my parents. It gives me a break away from Sean and the boys....but we won't tell them that...shhhhhh.

Lastly, on a fun note. A very dear friend from jr high came back into my life, thanks to Facebook. His name is Billy and we were a little item in 8th grade. He is now married with 4 beautiful children. It has been a blast catching up and I am so thankful he has come back into my life!! Thank you for everything Billy!!!!

Here is a fun video of Mary....Cookie Dance!


  1. So glad you're back (and that you have a working dishwasher! LOL!)
    We are going to be in AZ at the end of August too!
    Hope all is going well =)

  2. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!


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