Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Potty Training....STILL, The CAT TEST, and my 33nd Birthday

Well, we have just about finished week one of potty training Fionn. It has definitely been an up hill battle. He seems to get the peeing in the potty ok, but not so much with the pooping. I think he is holding it until I put him in for a nap. Every time I do, he poops in his diaper. So frustrating!!! We go all day without an accident and then like clock work, the nap ruins it all. I have even tried sitting him on the potty around his nap time, still he won't go. He just ends up falling asleep on the So I put him in for a nap and of course, he does his business in the diaper....GRRRRRR!!!! I know this is only the first week and he will get it, but its so dung annoying!!!! I think this is one of the worst phases of being a parent. Who agrees with me???

Its that time of year again. Declan received his CAT Test (California Achievement Test) in the mail this week. As soon as I uploaded his final grades. For those who don't remember their kids doing this test in school, here is a rundown:

Test 1- Vocabulary: There are 20 questions on the test and the child has 20 minutes to finish the test. The test measures the ability to identify the word that is associated with an orally presented category or definition. Also same-meaning words and words in context.

Test 2- Comprehension: Again, 20 questions with 20 minutes to complete them. This test measures comprehension of sentences and stories. (Remember, this is for a 1st grader.) He must read the sentences and stories on his own.

Test 3- Language Expression: This test has 20 questions and 16 minutes to answer them. This measures skills in language usage and sentence structure. (Correct Singular or Plural nouns, or the correct verb or adjective that completes a sentence.)

Test 4- Mathematics Computation: This test also has 20 questions and only 17 minutes to complete. Addition and subtraction of whole numbers.

Test 5- Mathematics Concepts and Applications: Again, 20 question and only 13 minutes to complete them. This test measures understanding of mathematics concepts. Dealing with numeration, problem solving, measurement, geometry and measurement units.

We did the first the tests today and he completed them in record time with every question correct (As far as I could tell. I do not have the grading key) The two math tests will be given tomorrow. I am a bit concerned about the addition and subtraction of the test, as he can do them, but rather slowly. Anything he does not complete will be marked incorrect. I don't like to put pressure on him, however it is a requirement of the state. When the test returns in a few weeks, I will post his results.

Last, I celebrated my 33nd Birthday on the 19th of this month. Sigh......I feel so old. It was a nice day. Declan made me a lovely Birthday card. Sean bought me a box of See's Candy, a beautiful card, the Wii Fit Plus game and..............MY NEW PHONE!!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!! He got me the Samsung Galaxy (Pictured to the left) Its the newest T-Mobile phone and is kick ass!! I can do anything with it, Even watch Avatar in studding HD on a 4 inch screen!!! Of course he bought the same phone for himself, but he ordered mine first!!! I will be receiving it on Thursday. (it was backordered) All in all, it was a good day.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your new phone looks awesome!

    As for potty training...Henry and Irene have been really good at it. Gavin will probably be the stinker, But I have a couple of years before I have to worry about that.

    Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday ! My younger son has the Galaxy too...It's a great phone...awesome!


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