Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schools out for Summer!!!!

It's official, we have finished First Grade!!!! After the longest school year ever, I gave Declan all his finals on Sunday. Overall, I am pleased. I scanned and uploaded the 5 school graded tests to Setons and will receive his report card in a few weeks. It was a very stressful year. So I am giving him 2 months off to have fun. We will begin 2nd grade in mid Oct. In the mean time. I can rest my brain and figure out a different plan for the classroom. The current layout hasn't worked. The little ones had free access to all the books and art supplies and ruined almost everything. So, I think I will need to move the art supply bins to our bedroom and install a lock and key on our door. (I'll explain that drastic door knob in a few.)

My next big challenge this summer....POTTY TRAINING. Liam will be 5 in September and shows no interest in the toilet at all. I am convinced there is something wrong with him mentally. He is slow in everything, but Sean won't hear of it. He just ignores my pleas. I started the training with Fionny today. I have put him in underwear and dragged his potty into the living room. (I know, that sounds really gross, but sitting him on the potty during Star Wars seems to be working.) He has peed in the potty twice so far. I am waiting for the first poop. I tried putting Mary on the big potty, but she bugged. So I will try her on the little potty after her nap. I just hope I have enough discipline to follow this through.

Sean and I have run into an annoying problem with Liam, Cian, and now Fionn. As I had mentioned in a past post, Fionn bangs his head on his bedroom door when he doesn't get his way. Well, he banged his head straight through the door. Then his brothers thought it was be hilarious to make the hole bigger. So, there is a giant gaping hole in there door, and my lazy, cheap husband won't go buy a new one. His exact words, "Why should I go and buy another door before we move? They'll just ruin that door too." I guess I see his point, but in the mean time, they climb through the door and get into all sorts of trouble during school. Which brings me to our newest dilemma...

Saturday, during school Liam climbs out his bedroom door and heads into my bathroom. We have a stand up shower that is very easy to turn on. So what does he do, climbs into the shower with Seans battery operated clippers and decides to give himself a shower, fully clothed. He even through in the bath mat, Seans tooth brush, and dumped out half a bottle of conditioner.....sigh. The bathroom floor was flooded. It took me almost an hour to clean up the damage. We have one of those child proof door knob thingies on our bedroom door, but he has mastered it. There is no lock on our door either. (Scary thought actually....)

Sunday, Sean was off and was suppose to watch the kids while I gave Declan his finals. Instead, he decided to turn on Star Wars for the kids while he worked on the exercise bike. (Which is in our living room.) Somehow, Liam slipped past Sean and did the exact same thing AGAIN!!! Sean was so mad, he threw him into his bed fully drenched. Sometimes I don't think he uses his brain. He also put Cian and Fionn in there to take a nap. Thirty minutes later, I go to check on them, after Declan was done with school. Cian had a stripe down the middle of his head. (Image to the right) Fionny had several bald spots all over his head as well. I ran into our bathroom to find my make up everywhere. Hair all over the floor. Cold medicine on the floor. (Pill form, not opened) Tooth paste on Seans tooth brush and all over my counter. Every drawer opened as well. They had decided to cut each others hair with Seans clippers, brush their teeth with Seans tooth brush, and put on my make up. I am at my ends witt with these kids. I told Sean he had better go buy a door knob with a lock and key or I was never going to give him sex again. He actually thought I was kidding. We'll see about that......,

Last but not least, Sean finally bought me a quad stroller. (Pictured to the left) As I mentioned in a past post, we have not gone out as a family since before Lizzie was born. So, we did some research and found this quad stroller, made by Angels in one of my school supply catalogs. Its heavy duty and made of steel. Lets see my kids destroy that!! It is almost 200 lbs and takes up the entire back of our van. It wasn't cheap either, $400 including shipping. We took it out for a test run yesterday. Drugged Liam up with motion sickness pills and dragged them all to the mall. I'm sure we looked so funny, with all our kids. They had a good time. Bought some cookies, saw the animals at the pet store, and bought some clothes on shoes for Mary. Her first pair of sandals for her birthday dress. They have a little heel on them and she just loves them. We spent a total of two hours out for our first outing and that was perfect.

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